The early signs of pregnancy

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If you have that sneaky feeling that you might be pregnant, then consider a number of signs and be accurate in your judgement

The early signs of pregnancy

So, do you suspect that you might be pregnant? Do you have this sneaky feeling that you just might be with child? Well, the following are some early signs of pregnancy to look out for before reaching out for that test kit!

Different women go through different body cycles, and so the very early signs of pregnancy are bound to differ, but there are certain signs that strike a common chord across all women. At the end of the day, it is important for a woman to listen to her body for signs that play out of the ordinary, and to understand that the only sure way to determine pregnancy is by taking a pregnancy test!

So, what are the early pointers to a pregnancy?

Skipped menstrual period- This is the initial most ‘solid’ evidence of early pregnancy in women with regular menstrual cycles. However, in situations of irregular periods, it is an unreliable sign, and should be accompanied with a test kit.

Nauseating feeling and throwing up- This is widely referred to as’ morning sickness’, and happens very early in pregnancy. In fact, in most women, it is the most common pointer to being with child. Even though it is called ‘morning sickness’, the nauseating feeling and actual vomiting can occur either during the day, or night.

Supple/tender breasts- This change manifests in preparation for breastfeeding. Most women’s breasts become tender and slightly enlarged. The nipples may also get bigger and darker.

Feelings of general fatigue and weariness- Although it is inevitable to feel drained after a long day’s input, a usual sign of early pregnancy is tiredness and exhaustion. The surge of hormones in pregnancy, especially in the first 12 weeks, lead to body fatigue.

Frequent urination- This is one of the most common early sings of pregnancy. A woman with child will, more often than not, feel the need to pee every other time, and this may happen during the day and night as well.


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