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The genuinely royal road in life is not positive thinking, but, positive realization. The road of the genuine pauper is purely negative, whether it is taking bad news on TV seriously, or giving to a beggar when you need the money yourself. What I mean by positive realization is doing what is right and acting on what is genuinely right, no matter what and no matter the appearances. In short it is living "winning therapy" happening throughout your life in concert with reality and genuine reason.

The Real Secret of the good life

The secret to living a good life is not in being "Pollyanna" or overly practicing fake optimism. No, it is daily doing the hardest deed on Earth: It is seeing reality and believing reality and thinking what you genuinely want even when the opposite seems to be true, or especially when you really have it, but cannot believe that you do have it. To live a good life, you must genuinely think what you want to think and act for what you genuinely want as a genuine goal. Without that genuine desire, you can get nothing, and if you just accept appearances without thinking better, you genuinely get nothing. So, every day, you must have initiative in life, or life means nothing but failure.

Failure to be before you do and have, means nothing. Being, doing and having in the fulness means everything. When your mind is good and great, your life is good and great to put it all in a short-handed way.

Real faith is to set a goal and work toward it, no matter the appearance of not having it instantly, and working toward it no matter what without genuinely giving up. Also, if you do temporarily fail at times, instead of quitting, you can change approaches until you do succeed. The real secret of a good life is to know that nature is for you as long as you are genuinely for it all the way. He or she who has a broad imagination, patience and realistic effort with that and can genuinely back it up has real faith and knows how to live a good life. The inert or ineffective person just does a job no matter what is "behind them and working for them". They who want to get better must better themselves. That one sentence is a key part of the royal road to riches. Without that sentence, you or anyone is on the dirt road of chaos to nowhere and does not even know it.

The iceberg

If you live at the top or tip of the iceberg of your potential, it is nothing. When you use as much of your potential as possible and aas deep as possible, nothing is genuinely impossible to you. Welcome to the genuine concept of the iceberg of life. Some people live at the top or tip, and few plumb the powerful depths that could easily sink and "unsinkable" large ship or be harnessed for the greatest source of water known on earth even if it has to be melted for it.

Think about our lives for a moment. Our lives are like icebergs. Some live shallow, few live at the deepest, many live in the middle points, but all exist within that concept of the iceberg. Something to think about and think about deeply. For the genuinely royal road and greatest source of all knowledge exists at the bottom of the iceberg, never the top. So let me go into the concept of Nature's Bible below:

Nature's Bible:

WIthin all the objective history of the universe and all universes is the totality of what has really happened in existence, and it is a place where man cannot manipulate the reality of it. That, quite simply, is Nature's Grand Bible. Call it the very bottom of the subconscious iceberg of power and life. But this Bible is the real word that Man cannot manipulate or really duplicate. Living by this Bible tells the whole story of reality, not just what we do or do not want to hear. To admit this story is the most powerful thing in reality. It dwarfs all other stories as a whole, even the most vehemently passionate stories at the shallowest levels of the iceberg of reality. To know this story really is to know it all as God knows it.

The window.

Once you get past the iceberg, there is the window or the glass menagerie (the glass cage) as Tennessee Williams called it. Are you just going to look out upon the action or are you going to take courage, plumb your depths and get into the action.

I am one of those rare people who does not care what anyone thinks, as long as I can genuinely get something going in a good or great way for myself. I do not want to look at the "other guy" who does, I want to be the man who does in a good or great way. I want that life that is real, I want to be the two percent who does not look out the window, but climbs out the window into the action even if innovation comes through the back door seemingly.

The real loss is always in "what could have been". The real gain is embracing what is and advancing past it. Life is nothing to watch, it is something to participate in!

Ultimate myths debunked

Reality is what we make it, but it is so "hard" to remake it for our protection. Let me explain: If we could get whatever we wanted instantly, sure, what we want would come, but also what we expect would come. What I mean by that is that we would get what is good and bad all at once, and it would all be a hodgepodge of wishes come true for harm or for good. But why does there seem to be a need to repeat to ourselves what we do want genuinely? Like I said above: It is for our protection.

Strong feelings are magical devices. Especially when something is really wanted. Whether it is good or bad for us in the parlance of feelings does not matter, the fact that we want it ardently can sometimes be enough.

I think of what Roy Herbert Jarrett says in his books "It Works" the first book of his and "The Miracles of the Mark" the second book of his about these facts and when really thought about, strong practical desires and feelings are what change lives for good or for bad without matter to what it is, as long as the feelings are genuine and consistent.

Some may disagree with some of what I am saying here, but all can agree that the most powerful feelings and actions based on those powerful feelings lead to fulfillment of a purpose meant by those feelings and actions whether "they are wanted" or "not wanted". In "The Miracles of the Mark" there is an old poem by poet Fred Cape at the beginning of the work that says it all, I suggest you read it for further understanding of how you can get anything and everything you want by taking yourself from one value to another value. Sure, I am writing this section to clear the air, but also I am writing this section to make you think deeply about reality and how it really works. Some of it comes down to "fill in the blanks", and some is a little obvious. But no matter what, it is full of realistic thinking and reality. There will be more, see you next section, but as I edit the next ideas to be presented here, you can mull these over that are here so far. Who knows, you might even get more self-control out of it in a productive way!


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