The great end of life is action with knowledge, not just stale knowledge

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Here it is, as long as you genuinely can handle it, it is the right time to take the action. There is not any ideal time to act or make an excuse not to act. It is always time to try and then ultimately do now. Look at all failure as temporary and all success as permanent, because ultimately, it is.

The end, the championship or whatever you want to call it.

In reality, the great end of life is not just stale knowledge or mindless action. The great end and championship of life is meaningful knowledge with purposeful action. Without that, everything is just a "season game" or scrimmage until you actively make it into what it naturally is: The all the time life championship that you have to make your own victory and importance in.

Seriously, what makes the game of life great is the attitude you take toward it. Without a great attitude that makes it all count, even the greatest championship with a diamond studded trophy ends up just a scrimmage or meaningless season game. Our attitudes make us what we genuinely are, winners or losers however "small and whimsical" or however "large and serious" the reality or goal.

If knowledge were the end, encyclopedias and search engines would not be replaceable

Think about this, back when encyclopedia books were in style still, they went for $300 a set at the most before inflation. Well, I would pay a human encyclopedia only $100 to $300 for a years work if they do not know how to take action, because I could get the same knowledge from one of those obsolete encyclopedia books. My point here is to say that action alone or knowledge alone will not do anything. But action unified with proper knowledge does everything, especially when persistence and faith backed also. Also, knowledge and action with a tendency to give up is just as bad or worse than just knowledge alone. Without faith, desire and persistence, there is not any genuine get up and go power behind any achievement.

I've known very knowledgeable people who have given up on themselves and gotten replaced by the less knowledgeable, but more tenacious and effort filled. Knowledge may be knowledge, but attitude and persistence underpins it all. This right here is what I mean by action with knowledge is the great end of life.

The ingredients: Excuses are not an ingredient, persistence is an ingredient

The thing behind the best power is persistence. Excuses are the ultimate weakness when considering permanent power. In fact, excuses are like a disease, not a natural disease, but the ultimate self-made psychosomatic disease as I shall show in this part of the article.

Established authorities like Wayne Dyer and Brian Tracy even wrote books on "No Excuses". My point is that if this reality can be expanded into books and all of that, there is something to getting rid of excuses why you cannot succeed. This is where persistence comes in and consistently reversing setbacks to cause advantages comes in.

"Whack in the head!" There is a winner.

Think about the real quitting time, technically existence always goes on and there is not any set quitting time for that. The person who acknowledges that fact is an incredible winner, because they know when to persist and persevere until they succeed. In fact, that is the most powerful concept there is, because most big wins happen after seemingly horrible failure experiences that are understood and lessons taken to heart and gotten past.

Whack in the head! There is a winner.

I know, William Clement Stone, used to say stuff like "Got a problem, that's good!" But when you think about the nature of solutions and experiences that work to make you genuinely succeed through persistence past them, they are really good. Here is the "whack in the head" right at the end: Through it all you need to be self motivated, nobody can do it for you.


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5th Oct 2015 (#)

It's all in the you attitude. I totally agree. Great article!!

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8th Oct 2015 (#)

Nice post!

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