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It has been my great priviledge to share my life with a really delightful cat.
This is her story.

My beautiful cat.

Today I thought it might be nice to move my writing away from consideration of the usual subjects I cover, such as the depredations of The Illuminati, the vagaries of the religious temperament, and the various idiosyncracys of my fellow humans.

So this little article is certainly more personal, and consequently should give the reader more insight into what I really consider to be most important in my life.

Those of you who have read my profile, will have seen that one of the things listed as being important to me is"looking after the welfare of my cat". So as a tribute to the truly remarkable feline that shares my life, I want to share her story with the world, for if any one of God's creatures deserves to be immortalised, she is certainly top of the list.

This delightful furry bundle is called Lappeta, and she has been my constant, and very loyal companion for over 11 years now. Her story doesnt start when she came to be my companion however.
When I met her first she was living with a friend of mine in a large flat in East London. She shared his affections with another delightful black cat, who happily is still very much around.
Lappeta did not have a very good start in life. She was a "rescue cat". She was found abandoned in a cardboard box, along with her siblings. I think this difficult start has given her a type of resilience, and quiet strength, not found in many of her fellows.
When she came to live with my friend, she was about a year old. That was around seventeen years ago, so she is now around eighteen years young.
As a young cat, she was brought for a lot of long walks by her devoted owner. She consequently developed the habit of following everywhere he went.
He always had to be careful when he went to the shops, or to work, as Lappeta would follow everywhere.

She definetly proved that, at least in her case, cats have nine lives. Once she was being brought for a walk in the snow, and she set off into the middle of a frozen lake. It was only by the grace of God that she didnt fall through the ice.
When she was about two years old, she got very badly injured. It is not known exactly what happened her. She most likely was struck by a car. All her pelvis, and her back legs were shattered. But a very god vet managed to put her back together. She got around twelve pins inserted. About five years ago I had her x rayed for another problem. You could see all the pins still there.
She made a complete recovery, and is still going strong sixteen years later.

As life for either humans or animals rarely runs smooth, due to some domestic difficulities, my friend needed to part with his cats for a while. They both came to live with me temporarily in my bedsit in Southfields, near Wimbledon. This did not go down very well with my then landlord, an irish version of "Mr Scrooge". But there wasnt much he could do about it once they were there.

They were much more of a hit with the neighbours, especially Lappeta, as I continued the practice of bringing her for walks. There were a lot of old ladies living in that area, and they used to dote on "the Lovely cat". She was the perfect way of getting to know the locals.
Bringing Lappeta for a walk, was not always a smooth affair. Most of the time, she would stay obediently to heel, but on occasion she would get bored with the same old streets. Then she would strike off on her own, and I would have to follow her until such time as she decided to go home. Once we were passing a very salubrious block of flats, with some very nice flowerbeds. Of course flowerbeds, to my furry adventuress, meant toilet. To my acute embarrassment, she proceeded to do a "number two" right in the middle of the geraniums. There was an elderly gardener about five yards from her, doing some weeding. To my eternal relief he did not turn round.
I never went that way again.

Another remarkable thing about Lappeta, is her ability to assess situations. Sometimes on our walks we would meet, this not very friendly lady, with two little snappy dogs on leads. When they spied the cat, they would come running to chase her or worse. But my clever cat had taken a measurement of the lengths of the leads. She never ran from these pesky canines. Instead she would sit just beyond their reach, and let them bark like mad while she looked at them disdainfully.

Both cats really liked living there. The streets were so quiet, and they had traffic humps, so the cars never went too fast. They both loved to play together, and they used to chase each other up the trees like two silly kittens.

Even, as in The Garden of Eden there was the serpent, in that lovely street an enemy lurked. The evil, that cast a shadow over our idyllic existence, came in the form of a couple who lived across the road from me. This pair of human slugs occupied two houses that had been knocked into one. They were considerably wealthier than me, who only lived in a bedsitter.
What happened was this. I began to notice that Lappeta would sometimes not be around when I came home from work. Once or twice I found her sitting on the doorstep across the road, as if she were waiting to be let in. I suspected what was happening. So one evening, when she was missing, I crossed and knocked on their door. The woman answered, and said that there was no cat in her house, and that she was allergic to cats anyway. But the door to her living room was open. I could see catfood in a dish on the floor.
They were enticing Lappeta away. They had kidnapped my cat.
There was a big row at the door, and the upshot was that I called the police. They called them as well to report me for causing a row.
When the police came, I told them about the catfood. The couple did not deny it. But they then had the nerve to say that Lappeta had been breaking into their house. But at this point they were completely discredited, as they had earlier said that they knew nothing about any cat.
They never tried that trick again.

After about three years in Southfields, both myself and the cats moved to a flat in East London. I stopped bringing Lappeta for walks, as the road was not as safe as in Southfields. But since there were plenty of gardens for them to play in at the back, nobody missed out.
After a while my friend got sorted out with a nice flat of his own, and the two cats were separated, as the younger one went back to live with her "Daddy". Lappeta stayed with me.

We now live in another flat in East London, where we rub along very comfortably together. The garden is surrounded by a high wall, so she never goes out on the street, except when the postman leaves the gate open. Then I have to go looking for her, as the wall is too high for her to climb over to get back in.

She is getting on a bit now, but she has lost none of her personality, or her looks. She still gets into mischief, and she loves exploring cupboards, that get left open etc. She has been given no end of special cushions, and catbeds over the years. All of which she studiously ignores, and then she will pick the most unsuitable location to use as her bed, the laptop, if I leave it open, or a cupboard if she gets a chance.

Lappeta is very fond of all the male sex. If it is a man, a boy, or a Tomcat, she is very welcoming. But if a female cat comes across the garden wall, she is straightaway chased away. Equally, she is very friendly with the young man who lives upstairs, but she has no time for his sister, or for her little girl.

She does, however make the ideal companion for me. She is very devoted, and loves to sit beside me, or on my shoulder, when I am working on the computer. She can tell instantly when I am down about something; and then she will jump up on my chest, and purr, while she puts her paws around my neck.

There is not really a lot more I can say about my loving life companion. We have been together now for longer than many married couples. We have had our ups and downs, but never any serious disagreements. The secret there is to always put her wishes first.
That is the best way to manage a cat.


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Born in Ireland, but living in London since 1986, my main interests are reading, studying history, politics, and theology, and looking after the welfare of my cat. I like to write on a variety of subjects, make general observations on lifes dilemmas....(more)

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author avatar Carol
20th Feb 2011 (#)

I loved that Chris, Lapetta is certainly a character. She is like my cat Charley, who lived to 21. Cats are intriguing creatures.

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author avatar christopheranton
21st Feb 2011 (#)

Thanks Carol.
Where would we be without them?

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author avatar christopheranton
21st Feb 2011 (#)

No Thank you.
And if you are that sorry for disturbing me, please
dont do it again.

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author avatar Denise O
21st Feb 2011 (#)

What a lovely story, I really enjoyed learning about your Lappeta. I agree with Carol, what a character. I just love it. I am so glad you found her and she found you. Just a heartfelt tribute, I so enjoyed.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar christopheranton
21st Feb 2011 (#)

Thanks Denise.
We both love you.

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author avatar Maurice G
22nd Feb 2011 (#)

It is always good to read about our pets, it1s what makes the world go round ! Thanks

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author avatar christopheranton
22nd Feb 2011 (#)

Thanks Maurice.
That is true.

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author avatar Greenfaol
16th Mar 2011 (#)

A beautiful article about a beautiful cat. She sounds like the perfect companion.
I cannot understand people who throw animals away! A cardboard box! That really angers me. I'm really glad she had your friend and then you to make up for such an awful start. i hope she continues to light your life :D

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author avatar christopheranton
16th Mar 2011 (#)

She is certainly doing fine at
the moment.
I will give her your regards.
Thanks for reading.

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author avatar Tranquilpen
22nd Nov 2011 (#)

Thank you C.A, a fascinating read about my favourite creatures.

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author avatar christopheranton
22nd Nov 2011 (#)

Thanks for your supportive comment.

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