The history and recipe of the green chili chicken enchilada

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Many noble Aztecs and Mayans from pre-Columbian México enjoyed this scrumptious dish and was said to be served on special occasions. Now you can do the same, I am going to share this secret ancient knowledge with the masses. It is complexion yet a simple art of the enchilada. This dish is one of my favorite recipes to prepare and enjoy.

Enchilada of the past

The most important food to the people of New Mexico is their prized green chilies. The green chili is essential in this recipe, do not be afraid your mouth will not fall off, actually green chilies have a mild spicyness which gives them their mouth watering flavor, the after taste is the best your mouth thanks you for the surprising treat of flavor bursting goodness.
Native Americans, descendents from Spanish nobles, Anglos and African Americans have all settled the region.
This distinct history, combined with the local terrain and climate, has resulted in significant differences between the cuisine of New Mexico and somewhat similar styles in TexMex and American Mexican border regions.

Things you will need, a casserole dish, oven, Crockpot or slow cooker, tortillas, chicken, cheese, green chili sauce and sour cream. Simple right, well it is a short list however, finding the green chili sauce can be difficult in many markets. If substitutions are made look for regular sauce, but, it won´t be the same, trust me.
First, start with a whole chicken breast, slow cook for a few hours. Season with fresh ground black pepper a little salt and a simple marinade of Italian dressing, a complete seasoning or barbeque sauce. Slow cook the chicken until the meat falls off the bone easily. 45 minutes at least, if more time is required I suggest 2 hours.
Second, open the package of tortillas, I prefer wheat for this recipe. Take a scoop of chicken place it in a tortilla, then sprinkle with cheese and wrap like a small burrito. Repeat this process until the casserole dish is full of these wrapped delights.
Next step is to pour the green chili sauce generously covering all cavities and evenly distributing. Sprinkle cheese over the sauce. The last step is the sour cream; squirt the heavenly tasting white liquid in a crisscrossing pattern. Preheat the oven at medium. Place the enchiladas in the oven 250 to 275 Celsius for 20 minutes. It is ready when you can smell the goodness and see it is bubbly and toasted at the same time. Serve with rice or veggies.
Enchiladas come in a variety of forms, Fillings, toppings and garnishes.
Fillings include meat, such as beef, chicken or pork, seafood, cheese, potatoes, vegetables and any combination of these. Enchiladas are commonly topped or garnished with cheese, sour cream, lettuce, olives, chopped onions, chili peppers, or fresh cilantro.


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