The history behind smoking

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This article is about the history of smoking ,shamanistic rituals and the smoking trend today like cigarettes and marijuana

The history behind smoking

Smocking is an activity that has been here with us for ages and it dates back in 5000 BC. This was due to the arrival of the Europeans in the sixteen century. If these people did not come, there are high chances that smocking would not have spread as it has now. Apart from the pleasure reasons, tobacco which is used in making cigarettes was used as a medicine e.g. the leaves were chewed by the sick. It was also used in performing certain rituals like shamanistic rituals. The Europeans’ exploration and cultivation of smocking then spread around the world quickly that by the 17th century, all major civilized words were into smocking. However, it was not an all smooth journey for it as it got a lot of criticism from religious leaders because of its health hazards. Smocking had spread in many countries but men were the main smokers but later on at around 1925, women also started joining the league. In some countries, smocking is illegal while in some, it is allowed but one is not allowed to do it in public as it greatly affects those who do not smoke. Did you know that smocking can affect the person next to the smoker than the one who is actually smocking?Cigarettes are one of the legal herbs that many people use for purposes like anxiety or stress but when abused, they can cause lung cancer and other dangerous diseases. In the same category of legal herbs, herbal cigarette is used in the place of tobacco by people who do not want to be addicted o tobacco so they use the legal cigarette as an alternative which helps quite smocking tobacco. Now, as much as legal herbs like the herbal cigarettes are used for medical reason like the one mentioned above, the still have health effects. The fact that it is herbal does not make them safe at all because the truth is; it is still being inhaled in form of smoke which still gets into the lungs and blood stream. The smoke itself contains tar and carbon monoxide which is dangerous for the body. The manufacturers may not mention this to you but they do and they are actually told to put the health hazards in these products. As much as they improve calmness and relaxation, these herbal cigarettes can sometimes trigger these feelings. Other effects include skin rashes especially when one is allergic to them but are not aware and also shock.The only solution to all these is to try and quite smocking completely. It is not an easy job but if you really love your life, you will try to do that by all means especially if you are sick or even pregnant because the smoke will affect the small growing fetus. You of course can not do it on your own and will need the help of a specialist. The first step of quitting smocking or any other habits like drinking is to realize their effects and accept that you have a problem. Be positive and believe that you can quite and you will be good in no time.

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