The imminent flipping of the earth

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True north pole moved 77 miles from 2010 to 2012, in the last six months of 2013 true north has moved 161 miles....the north pole is now located in Siberia, Each time the earth is hit with a massive CME from the sun the earth slows down....

The angry sun Dagger at Chaco Canyon

The time is nigh where the sun will do it's utmost best to cleanse the earth, because the earth has impinged upon free will....a Universal no no.

The ancients understood the universal law of unconditional love and free have free will just as long as you do not impinge upon the free will of any other living breathing soul.....

The earth is replete with rebellion, all mankind has forced itself on God's beautiful creation...Make no mistake the earth has been through this before...

The time is being announced in Chaco Canyon. The Sun Dagger's 3 arrows will meet in the center of the galaxy, embedded on the walls of Chaco Canyon...I have been watching this for the past few years, every time there is a significant CME.. Coronal Mass Ejection, it is foretold by the Sun Dagger...the Sun dagger represents the angry sun, as prophesied in Hendaye, where the obelisk represents the angry sun..

Aleister crowley said "do what thow wilt that is the whole of the law" thus reversing "God's will be done. The rebellion of old was taken up anew, as discarnates, fallen angels and their bloodline returned to the earth.

What does all of this have to do with the flipping of the earth?

Each Coronal Mass Ejection weakens the earth's electromagnetic field, slowing down the earth's rotation and making it harder for the earth to release it's gases caused by the heat of the sun...The build up has been tremendous as we watch Volcanic activity with earthquakes and tsunami's along with tornadoes and hurricanes, all of these are the first signs of impending catastrophe.

But men have hardened their hearts against god, by breaking all of the laws. The laws were put in place to keep men honest and to prevent the impinging upon free will, now the universe has to correct this mistake in the most violent of ways.

So the result of all of those massive coronal ejections is that the earth has been moved, true north is 248 miles from it's origin, when it reaches a certain point, the earth will stop rotating because the sun disrupts the molten core of the earth with each massive strike forcing molten lava to the surface of the earth, while it cools it makes the earth more 'top heavy' this causes earthquakes and subsequently tsunamis, as today the solomon islands were hit with a massive earthquake and tsunami warning's posted, as a Massive coronal ejection hit the earth on May 27, 2013....

what does that mean for the earth's inhabitants?? The earth will stop and be toasted to a crispy crust on one side of the earth, while the other side will face the worst winter ever known in the existence of men....

The earth will freeze over because the jet stream created by rotation will have stopped forcing the frigid air of the poles to stream southward, the earth will be frozen almost to it's core...

There is no safety net, there is no escape, No one has repented for the impingement of free will...The earth must be chastised for breaking the law...The cry of injustice from earth's mother, her greatest attribute has gone clear up to heaven....

The powers that be have used science to create catastrophic events, such as man-made tornadoes and earthquakes and hurricanes...this is not new, what is new is that the US government has been using Tesla created HAARP against it's own people.

Scientists say earth's magnetic field is weakening and could all but disappear as a precursor to flipping upside down. Each time the sun strikes the earth, the magnetic field weakens and has already disappeared in areas causing great dents in earth's protective shield....

The ancients understood that impinging upon the free will of the earth is also a sin, this is why they no longer put a structure into the ground and lived in Tents, trying to live harmoniously with earth....

The sun has been crying out, each massive strike on the earth is but a tear drop, pleading with all mankind to change his wicked ways, but no one is heeding the call...All are busy trying to sustain themselves by stealing and taking what is not theirs, by killing their brother, by murdering the earth...It's got to stop...

The universe must react because the law is being broken and nature will always bring everything back into balance, first on a daily basis, yearly basis, centennial basis, and when there is total rebellion as in the case of the earth, then the sun returns to the place of it's birth, it's place of origin and must take the necessary steps to cleanse the earth of the filth and sin that is piled upon it.

Sure man has tried to negate the affects of the flipping of the earth 11,000 years ago men built megaliths with very large electro magnetic fields to counter balance the flipping, this is why you will find giant pyramids and megaliths all along the 46th parallel
on the earth....

It makes no difference if you believe in God or not...No Extra Terrestrials from some distant galaxy is going to save anyone...That is a fiction created by the Powers that be to control the consciousness of mankind so that the elite can completely control men, body, mind and spirit...that is the big lie, a deception, so that they can continue to impinge upon free willl.

Mene Mene Tekal Uparsin, numbered numbered weighed and divided...The earth is ripe for the picking...only those who believe in Free Will and unconditional love (Christ Consciousness) has a snow ball's chance in hell of escaping this tiny planet and having a continued existence in eternity...

The pit (fukashima) has been prepared by the very souls who use Satan's lesser light (nuclear fusion) to control the earth, they must face the pit and indeed many will go to the sides of such a pit, to exist in nuclear fusion for an frightful and sad, but they themselves have created that lake of fire for themselves.

The sun will be darkened for 3 days as prophesied in Revelations, and this whole Luciferian system, based on a money-line, to sustain a specific bloodline will be utterly destroyed, the destruction comes in one hour....Who is man that he thinks he is greater than the Universe?? But he is only a humble chunk of Clay, a clot of blood, an image that has become hideous bestial,

In the end Krishna tells Arjuna: When I reveal my image, when men see me as I am, they will see how incomplete and perverse they have become...This is why the fear of god, is truly the beginning of man becoming wiser...


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10th Jun 2013 (#)

a most insightful and incredible piece...thank you

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