The impact of book trailers on book marketing and promotion

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Book trailers are video advertisements meant to promote books. This method is increasingly becoming the pillar of today's book promotion and marketing.

What is a Book Trailer?

Book trailers are video advertisements meant to promote books. This method is increasingly becoming the pillar of today's book promotion and marketing. The technique involved in this promotional process is similar to the technology used in movie trailers. It is a process that is meant to encourage readers and usually features actors that are performing scenes. Most of the book trailers are circulated online in digital formats while others can be circulated on television. The formats can be full production trailers, still photos, flash videos or actors who are involved in a movie. The main objective of these trailers is to encourage readers to find interest in a particular book. Come see some great book trailers on this site.

Increasing Popularity

Book trailers are gradually more becoming popular in book promotion on Bookkaholic. Story books, novels, fiction books and non-fiction books can be very difficult to promote. However, the use of this modern technology now makes it easy to target your potential audience. It helps to not only promote a book, but also establish the interest of your audience. The audience will be able to have interest in any upcoming book and even know the content that will be in it.

Good for Sales

Book trailers encourage people to buy a particular novel by giving a clear picture of the book. All the written words of the book are advertised and portrayed in visual images to make it easy for the audience to understand. Readers will be able to visualize what the content of the book is all about. In this way, achieving targeted book sales will be easy if this new innovative way of advertising books is used. You only have to involve the best videographers if you cannot make the trailers on your own.

A Quick How To

Making book trailers needs good film making software. If you have this, the first step will be to storyboard all the ideas you have. Each of the animation and video should be aired for a particular time. The main agenda and objective is to convey the message of the book and excite the audience. Include a good musical background that is in line with the theme of the book. Needless to say, it is also important to employ the right tactics of changing scenes in the trailer.

Don't Focus on Verbal

There should be less emphasis on the verbal, auditory and visual elements of the trailer. You only have to ensure that the outcome is simple and not lavish. After making the book trailer, it is vital to include the book cover and the publication information at the end. The addition of the music and sounds should be done the same way as graphics are applied. You only have to use the right music that you have permission to do so.

In Conclusion...

Book trailers form the perfect way to communicate the frenzy that comes with reading books. It is the most effective way of promoting new novels, fiction books and non fiction books. If you want readers to understand the essence of your book in an entertaining way, the trailers will be the most appropriate mode of promotion.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
22nd Mar 2013 (#)

Never heard of this type of promotion, James. Thanks for the share. When we have confidence in the quality and such promotion enhances the width of attention, it is worth the effort and cost - siva

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author avatar Rose*
23rd Dec 2013 (#)

I didn't even know book trailers existed! What a great idea!

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