The importance of patience, understanding and tolerance

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The key to dealing with reality is doing what is necessary to deal with it in all situations that are between you and your objective. It sounds simple until those course corrections are needed and the emergency type things that are not planned happen. Then, where are you? You are in a position where patience, understanding and tolerance are needed as action to keep things going toward their intended destination ultimately. Only the destination needs to be definite, but not the way to get there.

Tolerate the changes, the ultimate key and lesson to the Chinese I-Ching or book of changes

You or anyone must have a definite goal, but the way to get there if too clear and rigid, will not work. Because, like an airplane constantly getting off the flight path, there need to be consistent and tolerant with the weather conditions corrections and slight course changes to keep the aircraft definitely in line with the ultimate destination. I named this article section with the "The Chinese Book of Changes" or "The Book of Changes", because a destination is never made when consistent course corrections or tolerant changes are not considered. In short, rigidity leads to ultimate failure because of irrational perfection expectations. Flexibility with changes leads to ultimate success because you are prepared for whatever comes. Get my point? Reality goes to those who are patient, understanding and tolerant over rigid, "do it now" and fearful of getting off course without the tolerance for those changes.

The ultimate character flaw is rigidity and wanting things "perfect". There is really not such a thing as perfection. When considering the genuine essence of patience, understanding and tolerance as I am putting it, perfection is a mind created irrational ideal that only comes rationally with making your genuine destination, and even after that there is more to be done and other destinations to be reached. I also use the metaphor of the Book of Changes to say this: Reality is a fluid concept requiring adaptability over rigidity and flexibility over "perfection mongering".

All right, recently, actually the day before I came up with this article and its sections, my Mom and I tried to take public transportation and walk to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory open house. Although we did not make it and although we got there when they closed, we still were not disappointed with our effort because we had patience, understanding, tolerance and flexibility with our plans and objectives. Sure, we walked a few miles back to the bus stop and had a hard time catching the bus, and it would have seemed like a disaster. But, just to know that I practice what I am preaching here after walking a few miles in really hot weather is actually more satisfying in a way than if everything would have worked out "perfectly". After all, a few hours later we were back at Hollywood and Vine rail and bus station at Trader Joe Marketplace. She bought a salad, and I got some tangerine juice in a bottle to drink, and we went home as planned and ultimately made it home as planned. No bad blood there, just an understanding of how to do it better later. I am not trying to show how nice or rational I am, I am just trying to show a conscious example of patience, understanding, tolerance and how it really works in life.

The next day, I was expecting to be off volunteer work at the City of Gardena Senior Center for Columbus Day when I happen to receive a call from them saying that I am needed. I get there in time to do my duties, but it takes a little patient work, understanding planning over my original plans, and tolerance for what needs and wants to be done. But I get it done, it took catching a couple of buses, but I was on time and kept a cool head about it all. That is the game "of it all" in a nutshell. You must have patience, understanding, flexibility and tolerance with everything, or success in reaching the objective or goal in any given thing will not be achieved.

Victory goes to the tolerant!

Even General Marshal Ferdinand Foch with all his planning, diagrams and perfect scenarios was prepared tolerantly to succeed through adaptability! Get it? When really understood, victory goes to the genuinely tolerant. Loss goes to those with too much perfection on their minds. Thinking deeply about the statement of my title that is reality. Let us consider how this applies to business: Most first time businesses fail because the businesspeople doing them expect things to be instantly perfect out of the gate without much tolerance for change, course correction or trust of real intuition.

Think about what really succeeds at this point: Smart, intelligent course corrections, realistic thinking without illusions of perfection throwing self-destructive behavior and fear of success and fear of adaptability into the mix. After all, when considering success in reality, nothing succeeds like it. Oh, but anything can be a failure when illusions of perfection come in and too much rigidity comes forth. As the old saying goes: "When the axle is too rigid to spin, the wagon loses a wheel and does not roll." Right there, that is what I mean by victory goes to the tolerant.

Understand this:

Realistically writing, then, the big wins go to the adaptable who do it properly. Not the "perfection chasers" that try to be too rigid. Think, when you think of each goal as part of the "flight plan", they become more understandable in every way that counts. When you become flexible in a self-aware way, life becomes more livable, breathable, and realistic. After all, perfection is having "too much heaven on the mind" anyway. Getting it genuinely right and successful is most important anyway. What I mean by genuinely right and successful is like a flight plan anyway, not perfection chasing foolishness where you do not succeed by not being adaptable to changes and screaming either overtly or subliminally "it did not go to plan!" Anyhow, a flight as long as it made its destination as a whole without casualties or destruction "went to plan" anyhow. So should it be with patience, understanding, tolerance and ultimate success through flexibility. The only real failure is expecting automatic perfection completely to plan.

I remember this short story by Ray Bradbury about this automatic house ran by robots without human occupants to serve that burnt down after expecting to fulfill its programing "perfectly". Here, I cannot do any thinking for you, but if you can take the point and run with it, I am glad. Machines that expect everything perfect always under the conditions they are designed to run under, when faced with imperfection, fail. Why? Because they have no consciousness of patience, understanding, tolerance, and flexibility or course change when needed. Genuine intelligence has that broadness and luxury. The genuinely dumb, do not. Not to be petty or mean, but that is the real true and honest reality of it all. All should be considered on that basis on a self-made patient, understanding and tolerant way.


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