The internet power. Use it, abuse it and earn some money

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Internet is a powerful tool, but use it in our favor is a science. Either you spend 10 hours online and earn a couple of penny or you can manage you time and take some good profit.
You don't need a good connection to make it, or a good computer. Just some skill, some magic dust and a little of motivation. Earn a lot in the 1st day is impossible,
Let me show you four steps to help you and get some extra founds

Internet, hands up and give me your money

Internet, the 1st world power that can initiate war, make peace and spread the love. The powerful tool that is reachable to everyone, the greater monopoly of 21 century. Either we can use it for good or embrace the dark side. Wanting or not, is a great part of our life and we use it without know his resources

Some people, like me, spent most of the time online. but do we know how to use that time to make profit, to earn some extra cash?
I live in Portugal(yeah yeah Cristiano Ronaldo and Algarve) and the minimum wages is 485 euros per month. If some one works 8 hours a day, and 5 days per week, the average work hours per month are 176 hours( considering a month with 30 days, 22 work days and 8 days for rest). In conclusion for each hour you work you earn 2,75 euros. What if there is a way to work 8 hours on the internet and earn the same?

There are a lot of ways to earn money, and can be quick as an arrow or slow like a snail. Some definitions you should know:
-P.T.D - Pay to do. In internet you find a lot of sites that pay you to click on advertise, to click on YouTube videos, to promote other sites, they even pay to to like Facebook pages. You can find that you can be paid to do everything.

-Surveys - There are a lot of sites that give you some surveys, and money. just a few questions and you are earning.

-Write articles- You can earn some money writing articles(Wikinut rules, simple, fast and fun)
-HYIPS - High Yield Investment Program. There are a lot of sites where you invest some money to make more money. The two greater subjects are: investments in company's and stoke, and Matrix method, were u ear money according the matrix( for example: i make a deposit investment of 25 euros to make 50, you make the investment too, and a 3rd person invest too. I win 50 euros and i'm removed from the matrix. the 4th person comes and make a 25 euros deposit. you win 50 euros and removed from the matrix. This is a basic and poor definition but i don't want to complicate).

-Play games. Its true there are some sites that you pay you to play. Or give some prizes.

-Adsense and similar- If you have a blog/forum/site there are a lot of programs that pay for the advertise that will pop in you site.

After this you need to choose your way. I will guide you. Its easy and free, and i'm not asking for nothing.
First you need to be patient. Second look everywhere and try everything. Third trust no one.
What i do for earn some cash?How much time i dedicate to earn it?
Well i can not precise but the best recommendation that i can give to you is to have a schedule. Make a time table for your "internet work time". I spend 4 hours, and i have manage my time between some PTD, Surveys, playing some games, working on my website, and writing here.
Here´s my example, and feel free to use the same.
-The 1st two hours, i log in my PTC(pay to click) and PTD, and click in everything that gives me money. I earn 0.05 euros to 0.10 euros a day for each PTC or PTC. I'm actually registered in 20 sites. in a good day i earn 2 euros, in a day without patience 1 euros or less.

-In the 3rd hour i work on my site, trying to get more views, searching for new methods and stuff that can promote my site. With programs look like Google Adsense i can earn 80 euros in a good month, if i get a lot of views and clicks.

-In last hour i farm bitcoin, play some games, write here, i also make some stock investments and spots bets. Sometimes i earn some euros, other cents....

In a good month i earn almost 200 if i work these four hours(80 with my site, 80 by clicking and using Adfly to shorter links and 20 for playing games and bets). I admit that its hard and if you don't have patience you never earn nothing, but nothing in this life is given. We must conquer it.

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2nd Jun 2014 (#)

Good to see your enthusiasm! Definitely a must if one wants to earn money, good article d3oxys.

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6th Jun 2014 (#)

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28th Oct 2019 (#)

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