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The kingdom of Greece was ruled in the 1800's by king Othon of Austria and Amalia of Germany. During that time Greece was in big power and everyone was happy with king Othon and Queen Amalia. They were admired by everyone and loved by everyone and they made Greece the center of everything.

King Othon of Greece

King Othon also (Otto) was born in Salzburg Austria. In his younger age he came to Greece and in May 1832 he was crown king of Greece. Othon in his early years took place in the 1821 war and helped Greece achieve very big during the hard times. Later on he married Amalia of Germany and she also became Queen of Greece. They both enjoyed the outdoors very much and use to play a lot of sports too.

Queen Amalia of Greece

Queen Amalia was born in ollenburg Germany in December 1818. In her early years she used to visit Greece a lot. It was there where she met king Othon and then they got married. Queen Amalia was loved by the Greeks and after she got married to Othon she became the queen of Greece ruling next to her husband. Queen Amalia was famous for wearing her traditional Amalia costume that is still very popular today in Greece, she loved horse riding and hunting. One day she was horse riding with her husband on the road going to zavitsa a small village and the horse got upset and knocked her off it's back and she landed on a tree dead, after her death Othon left Greece and never came back again giving the throne to George I.

George the first king of Greece

King George I came to the throne after Othon left from Greece and he gave the throne to him. He was born in copenhagen Denmark in 1845 before he came to Greece he toured other countries Russia, England, and France in his early days he loved to travel and tour around countries to learn more about there culture. When he became the king of Greece still the country was in its glory even after Othon and Amalia left he divided the kingdom of greece like this East thrace, west thrace, macedonia, Epirus, north epirus, Thessaly, Ionian Islands, Ionia, Dodecanese, and Crete. That was the kingdom of Greece when king George was ruling and after his death in 1913.


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Thanks for these glimpses from history, Anastasia - quite fascinating - siva

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Thanks. this is very informative and pics are also good.

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