The light and its features

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If you like to shoot professionally or just for fun, you can read have valuable tips on how light can influence in your photos!

The light and its features

Light Quality

The most important thing to think about when thinking of a photograph is the quality of light you need. It is important to consider how best to achieve quality you need. When thinking about the quality of light, you first have to decide whether you want your light to be soft or hard. A light source which is small compared to the subject will be tough, but a great source of light as compared with the motif will provide soft lighting. Hard light leaves hard shadows and marked and can be rather nice. Sometimes, hard light is exactly what you want to do that a small light source away from the theme will do the effect.

When the soft light is required, such as for portraits or photos of products, a source of light is needed most. Remember that we are talking about quality - not quantity - the light does not have to be stronger, just higher compared with the matter. Hitting a lesser light on a wall or ceiling is a great way to turn it into a source of greater light. By varying the distance between your light and your subject, you can change the quality of the light falling on the subject.

Light Direction

The second most important thing to think about is the lighting direction. Where the light comes from in a photo is extremely important as it dictates the pattern of lights and shadows on the subject. With the light coming from the side shows the depth and dimensions of their subject. That is why photos taken with flash in the camera often appear flat and dull. Often you will find that you only need to move your light a little to the right or to the left of the camera to frame your subject, but experiment with the position of your lights is the key to coming up with new and interesting looks.

Using additional lights

Another thing to think about is to use multiple lights on a subject. The main light used to illuminate a subject is called the primary light, and often the photographers will use additional lights in their facilities. A second light is often used to add more light to the dark side of reason, and this is called fill light. The fill light is usually less powerful than the main light and is the brightness compared to the shadows that defines the contrast of your photo. After starting with a main light, experiment with adding padding and moving only the fill light around to see how you can affect the shadow tones of your photo.


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