The missing whippet found before snowstorm

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What do you do when an impending Blizard is coming, and you are afraid for a dog? This is the story of a Whippet dog that wandered away from his home and where he ended up, and who saved him and how?

The missing Whippet

There was a dog mentioned on Facebook begging and pleading that someone returns the Whippet if they see him. IT seems that in August 2014, wandered away from his home of Lauren Piccolo and the house he shares with his human in Upper Manhattan in New York City.
On this Facebook page, Lauren calls her dog bashful and warns not to chase Burt as he will run quickly. But she says his color is brindle, and he is timid and "Devilishly Handsome."
Burt was just a puppy as he wandered off, He was still missing on his first birthday in November.

Fireman sees dog he assumes is stray

About a month ago, Lt David Kelly noticed he showed up at Randall's Island Fire Academy. The Randall's Island facility, which is on an island in the East River that is in New York City. Burt showed up at Randall's Island, and it seems that Burt stayed there. .A fireman, Lt. David Kelly, is a fireman at Randall's Island. Lt Kelly was working the overnight shift at Randall's Island and saw a stray dog, But all who read this story knows the dog really is Burt the missing Whippet. AT first, for a month Lt Kelly thought Burt was a stray.
Her tried to get close to him to feed him while being there. Every time je went near him, the dog quickly and fastly ran. Lt Kelly being a caring man.
Lt Kelly put out a can of food as he came to work each night and assumed Burt was a stray dog.
Lt Kelly listened to the weather report of the Blizzard and didn't want the dog he called The Rock that is the nickname of the Randall's Island facility.

What the Freman did with the Whippet

There are times that when a person is desperate they will resort to extreme measures.
The measures that Lt Kelly took were he got a dog cage and a forty foot rope and went into a vehicle and held the rope with the window open. The cage had food in it, Burt the Whippet must have been starving as he went in the cage, and Lt Kelly tugged the rope and closed the door.
The idea in itself sounds cruel, but if you think about it he was just trying to save this dog from some very inclement weather.
After he fed the dog in the cage that is the only way, he could have fed Burt. And then-Lt Kelly went on Facebook on the internet to search to see if the dog whom he called The Rock had a home and found the missing dog's owner

The reunion of Burt the Whippet and his owner

Whenever Burt saw his owner, he started wagging his tail and kissing her. Lauren Piccolo thanked fireman by saying , " I am tremendously grateful for the efforts of the FDNY to recover Burt has been living loose in the city for more than 5 months and managed to evade capture by friends, family, and many good Samaritans. But while Burt was a rescued dog, I don't think he would have survived such a fierce storm. The FDNY were incredible.:

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29th Jan 2015 (#)

glad the little one was found before the storm, what a scary time it must had been.

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