The poignant tale of 2 Yolanda survivors in Tacloban City

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Tacloban City and the rest of the areas pinpointed to be within the path of Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) were forewarned days before of its coming and arrival for the residents to seek refuge in higher grounds, but why the loss of lives which tally in thousands? Were there hesitation of the people to evacuate? Were there enough evacuation centers? Do they have a concrete idea of what "storm surge" is?

2 survivors reunited

A soldier and a 7-year-old boy who both survived Typhoon Yolanda’s 145 mph onslaught by holding on to a floating piece of wooden plank, were reunited and had a wonderful day of companionship Saturday, November 8, during the country’s first anniversary marking the typhoon’s wrath.
Source: Mass Grave For Victims Of Typhoon Haiyan in the City of Tacloban, Philippines /

Holding on to a wooden plank

Lieutenant Colonel Fermin “Boysie” Carangan commands TOG 8, the Air Force unit assigned to provide air support for the islands of Samar and Leyte. Informed of the incoming super-storm Yolanda (Haiyan) on the morning of Friday, November 8, he and his troops hurried to their office in the vicinity of Tacloban Airport on red alert
Around 7 a.m. with the rain pouring in and the surging seawater already over rooftops, the building where the troopers were sheltered collapsed, with the soldiers falling into the surging waters. But Commanding Officer Carangan managed to swim with a piece of wooden plank as float just before he was taken away by waves and strong current. Help for his men was impossible. Col. Carangan tried to help one who was trying to hold on to an uncollapsed wall of another destroyed building but failed because of too strong winds.
Source: A floating wooden plank like this saved the lives of Col. Carangan and the boy Miguel /

Saving a boy in distress

Floating with the wooden plank, Col. Carangan was sweeped farther out into the sea. He could see fast disappearing tips of coco trees being devoured by the swelling water. Then the sight of a child came into view. The child was a young boy who was holding on tightly to a floating coco tree. The commanding officer believed it was providential that the current brought him to where the boy in distress was, thus enabling him to transfer the boy to the same piece of wood he was using as float.
Source: Col. Boysie Carangan reunited with the boy Miguel / charly's blog /

Dry land at last

The two hold onto the floating wood in the churning sea, with the kid Miguel being protected as huge waves helplessly carried them swiftly seaward from the city proper of Tacloban.
For about 6 hours, the duo hang on to their improvised life raft aimlessly, complemented by each other’s company. Then trembling hard due to cold, Miguel said, “Kuya, I will sleep now. I’m so tired already.” Thinking the child was the reason why God spared his life, the soldier shouted: “Don’t sleep! You can do it. Look, we are near land already.” He pointed to what he thought was another tidal wave, just to lift Miguel’s spirit. But the soldier indeed realized it was a shoreline he saw. God is true, he said to himself.

Safe in the shores of Basey

By sheer luck, they found themselves safe and sound on the shorelines of a certain town. They were washed up on the shores of the Municipality of Basey in Western Samar around 1pm of 8th November, 2013, rescuers told them.
The two survived Storm Yolanda and the rough seas between Leyte and Samar during the onslaught of the typhoon. They floated around the bay near Tacloban airport They had been floating for around 6 hours before the rescue. Basey and Tacloban are separated by bays: San Pablo and San Pedro.
Source: Local name Basay, offical name Basey, a town under Western Samar or Samar, Philippines /

Miguel was the reason

During the interview, Col. Carangan or Boysie recounts their nightmarish ordeal as killer Yolanda (Haiyan) lashed at everything with its fury, talking good things about the boy; that Miguel was his “angel” who helped him survive, and he could have given up dear life had it not been for Miguel.
Boysie and Miguel have no contact with one another since January, when Miguel joined the exodus to Manila for a better life. The two were afforded again the golden opportunity to see each other in Tacloban City on Saturday, as the country commemorated one of the worst typhoons in its history.
Source: / Photo courtesy of the Armed Forces of the Philippines

Miguel graces the affair

The Philippine Air Force (PAF) finds it appropriate to bring Miguel to Tacloban City as a special guest as they inspect repaired facilities in their office in Tacloban City.
The PAF likewise honoured families of 2 missing soldiers and 3 Air Force soldiers who died in the tragedy by giving them gifts.

According to Wikipedia

Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) which struck the country on November 8, 2013 is the deadliest Philippine typhoon on record, killing at least 6,340 people, and 1,061 missing, with 10-minute sustained winds of 230 km/h (145 mph). The cyclone made its first landfall in the Philippines at Guiuan, Eastern Samar. Gradually weakening, the storm made five additional landfalls in the country before emerging over the South China Sea. Damage is placed at $2.86 billion (2013 USD), affecting Micronesia, Philippines, Southern China and Vietnam. The cyclone caused catastrophic destruction in the Visayas, particularly on Samar and Leyte. According to UN officials, about 11 million people have been affected – many have been left homeless.
Source: UN- 11 million people have been affected


Source: for video above

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25th Nov 2014 (#)

Miracles do exist and sad for the victims and for Miguel and his friend wow, they are indeed survivors pare!

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28th Nov 2014 (#)

Brings out the meaning, or lack of it, of life. Many perished but few survived. Maybe, in the oneness of creation it does not matter though for families it does. Thanks N C Radomes - siva

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