The power of positive thinking is actually a negative one

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Positive thinking is not positive thinking when it is being directive. It then becomes more of a negative influence on us. Read this article and see that both positive, and negative thinking are only just labels, which do not point at all to the real truth underlying the label.

Look for the love within every experience. forget about labelling any experience as being either positive, or negative.

The path of non-resistance is neither positive nor negative

Any influencing act is unbalancing. What is, is.

Acting in either a negative or a positive way, and trying to bring about change to the status quo, actually just distorts the true picturing of what is really happening. These outside influences actually remove you from your true path of it being what it's meant to be right now for you in your life.

The love that is in a thought, or which is behind it, must be linked into the feeling of the thought, and this can be either positively linked, or negatively linked.

The deciding issue here is whether the positive or the negative are being labelled as such, or if the aspects of the thought are being seen from only love, rather than your trying to paint over love, with an added extension, such as is positive or negative thinking.

The oneness of love remains neutral, and it is not pushed to either side from any thought, unless you indirectly fear that thought.

Positive thinking is also based on the same fear indirectly, as which negative thinking is directly. You fear that something is not quiet right with your experience. You want to change your thinking about it. This is a sign of fear. You are not accepting what is.

Stop trying to paint the thought in either way, and just see if there is love within it or not.

Sometimes love brings you pain, and this might be seen initially to be negative, but it never is.

All always only ever just forever serves love. Pain must take you on its journey through love, even as you become more consciously aware of love's truths by this process of your experiencing it in infinite ways, which is inclusive of both negative and positive experiences.

Experiences in the end though are just that, experiences.

Ultimately it is us that label them as being either negative, or positive. Stop labelling your experiences, and try more to just accept them exactly for what they are. Learning experiences from love.

Positive thinking is all right as long as it goes. It is not the be all and end all though.

Positive thinking is a good thing to aim for at the start of your spiritual journeying, but do not aim for it in such a way that makes the positive too positive, and so it becomes then a negative.

Retain the balancing insight of where negativity plays its own rightful part, and so never overbalance yourself by seeing only the positive in a way that blankets out all else in your seeing.

Life doesn't really depend on anything else but love. All is love loving in its different ways.

Positive thinking asserts that it can change these ways, but it can only ever just change your view of the way.

Faith creates the way, and trust ensures that it is being powered by God's love into its proper fruition in your life.

Our thoughts can only carry power if we give that power to them

Thoughts only carry the power that we give to them.

We should leave all the power within love. This would allow love to love take us past all of our thoughts, instead of our stopping to stick with any such thought, or to even follow even just one of them, and so be influenced by that thought then to not see love as being perfect already as it always is right now, anymore.

Both positive and negative thinking distort the perfect viewing of love in being exactly as it is. Drop all thinking to know.

Consciousness has got nothing to do with our thoughts. Our degree of consciousness is all only ever just about how much we love.

The truth is that not even one of our experiences is ever either positive or negative.

They are all simply perfect states of love that you have moved into in order for you to have the chance to learn the truths of love from this particular state of love.

Love's oneness is complete in itself, and each one of its infinitely manifested states never loses any of its perfection, at any time.

This means that when we see any state as being positive or negative, it is always us that are not seeing as yet the real truths of this particular state of love. We will need to keep revisiting this same state until we learn consciously, and perfectly all about its perfection.

We keep going through experiences until we have learnt all that we can from them.

Perfection is neither positive or negative, like love, it is just forever itself.

Be perfect in love, even as God is so. Forget about trying to be more positive, and just be more loving.

"Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect."

This last quote is one from the Christian bible.

It comes from Saint Matthew's gospel, chapter 5, and verse 48.

This advice sums up all that I have been trying to say here, be perfect, and stop trying to be positively too perfect.

In other words, stop trying, and just be.

How does this idea of perfection in love's oneness jell with the idea of sin existing too though?

Love lives perfectly as itself at all times, sin lives in its absence. Whenever you are not loving, you are sinning. It is this simple. Positive and negative labels just confuse, drop them, and just love.


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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
1st Apr 2014 (#)

Interesting post!

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
1st Apr 2014 (#)

Interesting post!

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author avatar spirited
1st Apr 2014 (#)

thanks Fern

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author avatar Funom Makama
1st Apr 2014 (#)

Oh dear... What can I actually say to appreciate this piece? You've said it all and all I can say is thank you for the incredible and most important information

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author avatar spirited
1st Apr 2014 (#)

Thanks Funom,

I'm glad you liked and appreciated my article.

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author avatar joyalariwo
1st Apr 2014 (#)

All you stated here is very true spirited...great job!

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author avatar spirited
1st Apr 2014 (#)

thanks joyalariwo, are you positive about that? LOL

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