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There are some basic specific web browser settings and add on which can inflict upon the security vulnerabilities and by knowing them most of the security risk can be abolished.


The software with great functionality with a prominent attribute or the aspect of something with great significance or value solely depends upon the web browser you use on day to day basis. With the alert settings and good website browsing behavior, you can be safe at work with internet Attackers always try to target the client side, the user side of the computer as they have fewer knowledge of internet and its security at large as compared to the company where the established structural architecture of security centric system infrastructure is always have the priority. There are some basic specific web browser settings and add on which can inflict upon the security vulnerabilities and by knowing them most of the security risk can be abolished.

ActiveX is a technology is used by Microsoft Internet Explorer to run some specific applications within some specific applications environments. Attackers can use this technology to send some malicious files tom yours computer. This vulnerability is called the attack surface vulnerability and this can be a sort of DOS attack on yours computer , as this can result to the BSOD , the Blue Screen of Death of yours computer , which can be the completely shut down with some hardware loss. With due course of time Microsoft patched this vulnerability and now it is working fine and with newer versions of Internet Explorer , Microsoft introduces some finer techniques and slowly delete this functionality. It was a revolutionary concept but the fact is that Microsoft failed to secure the environment of Active X control, other wise the applications will run in a virtualized environment without many hardware changes.

When you try to search for any new websites to garner some specific knowledge, it is advisable to first invest that site by using this link

Then, put the site in the “Can I Trust this site” then click the search icon. In the next phase the response can be whether the site you have mentioned is safe or not safe. This information is from the trusted source of F-secure and with this information you can rest assured that the site you are going to use is safe and secure. In this way there are lots of web-browsing techniques through which one can ascertain the veracity of the site you are going to use. The following is the screen shot of my Triond user profile and with this reference it is securing that the site is safe to use.

What is safe in terms of internet terminology? Take an example, you are running in yours web browser a high density site , which will run various Java applets so that the mini-programs and its function will be executed by it and in this way yours web browser will fast becoming a sort of host of applications setting with some virtualized environment. Then, what is the problem with it, the fact of the matter is that all the application will run not with yours permission, it will run and controlled far and wide miles away from yours computer but it will be managing yours. This seems awkward and complicated. That is why the need for a good anti malware programmes that can proactively check for intrusion detections system, attack surface vulnerability and does not slow down yours system at all. Due to dynamic nature of programming languages and addition of multiple parameters within small samples of codes is making the browser more vulnerable to attackers.

That is why the need for multiple web browser installation and with it you can mange all the web vulnerabilities with ease. With due course of time web browsers are fast becoming F1 cars and the speed in which the development and the updates occurs simply shows the importance of it. Enable the automatic updates of the software, if it is available. There is a difference between automatic updates and the automatic notifications; it is preferable to go for automatic updates of the software. While browsing the web avoid the unsafe behavior and follow the principle of least privilege which is by default in Windows Vista and Windows 7. Many vulnerabilities can have the room for opportunity when you run with high privileges and it is advisable to employ the least privilege settings so that yours computer will not be attacked by any means due to the absence of full for authentications.

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3rd Mar 2012 (#)

Nice info. Thank you for sharing.:)

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3rd Mar 2012 (#)

thanks ittech

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4th Mar 2012 (#)

Thank you, ittech. I am always wary of this happening, but I have Norton Internet Security. Norton has a message on my screen now saying, "currently performing background tasks", whatever this means.

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