The real cause of climate change. The Illuminati connection.

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Climate change is a growing threat to our environment. But the politicians seem to be powerless to deal with the real cause.

The real cause of the problem.

A topic that has been the subject of much debate in recent years is the belief that the climate of the planet is gradually undergoing a change. Many in the scientific community have been saying that the temperature of the atmosphere has been steadily warming over the past couple of decades, with a resultant melting of the polar icecaps and increase in sea level that will lead to the innundation of many low level areas of our countries if the process is not halted.The Himalayan glaciers are also said to be affected; and the rainbelts in Africa plus the monsoons in India have shifted, thus causing increasing problems for agricultural production in those parts of the world.

The blame for much of this climate change is being put on humankind, and most particularly on the burning of fossil fuels, and the emmissions from most forms of oil driven vehicles.

There are however many who are of the contrary view. These are characterised as "climate change deniers". They claim among other things that any change is much exaggerated, or that it is naturally occurring, down to sunspot activity etc. These people tend, in large measure, to come from the oil company lobbyists, or, for some odd reason from the religious right.

I have to place myself firmly on the side of those who believe in climate change. The evidence that something big is happening is just too great to ignore. Global temperatures are rising, and they are being driven by artificial forces. But the scientists and climatologists are fatally wrong in one important particular. It is not down to the motor car, or to carbon from our factories, or even to the methane exhalations of all our cows. The real cause of climate change is a very large, and growing, belt of magnifying lenses that is orbiting our planet just beyond the edge of our atmosphere.This is constructed from billions of reading glasses lenses and discarded or stolen contact lenses. It has been placed in orbit around The Earth by an alliance of The Illuminati and those malevalent greedmongers The Borrowers/aka The Clock Family.

As The President of The Ancient Society of Secret Historians I am privy to all the secrets. I dont want to start a general panic, so I only release information to the general public when I feel that the interests of the people urgently dictates it. Successive governments throughout the world have been given the details. Even The General Secretary of The United Nations has been briefed. But they have all chosen to sit on the revelations. I dont know why. Perhaps you should question them next time they come round seeking votes.

The criminal conspiracy.

Anyway, the time is now right for the world to be advised about what is really going on, so if you care to read on I shall put you in the loop, and dammnation to the politicians.
In an earlier article I related how those shapeshifting pigs The Illuminati had built a base on The Moon
The landing on, and the journeys to The Moon. The Illuminati connection.In yet another world exclusive I laid before you the details of how The Borrowers/aka The Clock Family were the driving force behind The Recession
The real cause of the recession.

Our story really begins with a meeting that was held in 1972 in a basement in Beverly Hills California between Porky the Pig and some unnamed members of The Clock gang. Porky was a very prominent member of The Illuminati who posed as a cartoon character so that he could aid in the infiltration of the Hollywood elite. When Senator Joseph Mc Carthy was conducting his investigations into un american activities in nineteen fifties Hollywood he rather naively confined himself to questioning the flesh and blood actors and directors. If he had the sense to investigate some of the cartoon characters he would have uncovered a right "can of worms". Daffy Duck was not so daffy, and Elmer Fudd was an avowed communist who was running guns to Marxist insurrectionists in South America.

However you dont want to hear about the "nihilist underbelly" of cartoon land, so I shall return to the main story.

At this meeting Porky the Pig informed the representatives of The Borrowers about the successful landings on The Moon by The Illuminati, and also about the base they were building there. They discussed various means by which advantage could be taken of this development to further their intention to take over the world. It was decided, as a preliminary step, that the worlds climate would be thrown into chaos. The next thing to be decided was the means to be used to do so. As The Borrowers/aka The Clock Family were excellent and ruthless thieves, who had already built up a large stock of reading glasses and contact lenses that they had stolen from the houses of unsuspecting humans. They had been using them to build little cloches to cultivate cannabis to which they were particularly addicted. The meeting resolved that The Illuminati/Pigs should as part of their space program gradually build a large belt around the planet from the accumulation of optical aids. The Borrowers undertook to greatly increase their campaign of purloining glasses and lenses in order to supply the raw materials. Then with a cacophony of curses against all the human kind,(made with a mixture of very tinny and cartoon stuttery voices), the convocation of desparadoes broke up.

The climate change situation now.

That is how the decision to cause climate change came about. The disruption of the planet's weather systems has continued ever since under the guise of the american space program, which is controlled by The Illuminati. The Borrowers continue to do their bit as well. Should you mislay a pair of spectacles, or a contact lense, dont waste your time looking for them behind the bed, or underneath the sofa. They are most likely already in orbit with billions of their fellows contributing to the inexorable march of climate change.

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author avatar Sparz
24th Nov 2010 (#)

No offence, but you remind me of a friend of mine who always goes on about these things. You never know the truth till it is revealed.You may be right, may be wrong but thanks for sharing the info. Good article nevertheless. :)

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author avatar Denise O
27th Nov 2010 (#)

In the 70's the world was afraid of global cooling, now global warming. hmmmm
Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar christopheranton
27th Nov 2010 (#)

You are welcome Denise.

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author avatar christopheranton
27th Nov 2010 (#)

Sparz. Thanks for the comment.
Oh. I am never wrong when I make statements in my official capacity.

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author avatar Sparz
21st Dec 2010 (#)

I did my research am i am shocked to see what is before me. Im writing an article on it now please be sure to check

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author avatar angelnjuly
11th Jan 2011 (#)

I doubted the rumored cause of global warming.But this one sounds really interesting chris. Thank you for the share.

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author avatar christopheranton
12th Jan 2011 (#)

You are welcome

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author avatar Greenfaol
21st Jan 2011 (#)

Lol, you really should be putting these together in a book. Love them! Thank you very much for enlightening us. Porky pig happens to be one of my favourite cartoons as well :D

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author avatar christopheranton
21st Jan 2011 (#)

Yea Porky is good.
For a mad communist illuminati agitator.

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