The role of our conscience

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This article talks about how our conscience has been fashioned for us in a particular way, and with a particular strength in order to assist us in the best possible of ways in our lives.

Our soul builds our personality, our ego, and our conscience for us.

Does God judge us, or is it really our own self that will do this?

What is our conscience, and what role does it play in our lives?

Does it act as a personal judge for us in its judging of what we do, and in leading us to feel responsible in a way for our own actions, or for what we have done?

The emptiness of yourself is only filled by living fully alive as your soul.

Your conscience is a type of mirror, or perhaps more a balance level, that weighs what you have done, and then shows it to you in such a way that you feel the responsibility for what you have done.

Feeling responsible, or owning responsibility, is what conscience is really all about.

Our conscience brings us home again to being our real self, because it directs us back into the direction of who we really are, by associating a level of guilt for our not being responsible to an irresponsible action.

Guilt is merely a tool of our conscience in this regard. It is meant help us to correct a mistake, or to put us back on track, after we have strayed off of that track.

Our conscience then is acting to divert us any more from going any further in that same "wrong" direction, and so this allows us to move once more again within the full flow of love, as it moves our soul through God.

Such a "wrong" direction is being followed whenever we are not being totally loving.

We are all on a journey going through God's love.

Each experience with love brings us further understanding of love's truths, and so eventually we build a wisdom pool of how to practically live consciously from only from God's full and perfect love.

There is no fear in love

"There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love."

The above quote is from the Christian bible. It comes from the New Testament book of 1 John, chapter 4, and verse 18.

Conscience never fears anything itself, but it sometimes it might seem to hurt us by its judgements.

Our conscience has been referred to as being the voice of our soul.

Our soul guides us if we allow it to do so, but otherwise it remains largely only a silent witness, but one that still lets us hear its guidance from within the ever present voice of our conscience.

Our conscience then is coming from the highest of authorities, because it is linked to God himself.

For our life to fully work properly for us, it must run in full accord with our conscience.

Our conscience advises us about anything that we are allowing to remain out of balance, or out of harmony within our lives.

What our heart is feeling is what our conscience is saying.

It must be pointed out here also that love never regrets any of its own actions.

It is the painful fear of our not loving fully that also then feels any of the associated guilt for this same fear. Fears build onto other fears, never onto love.

This is why a guilty conscience is so often usually fear based, but the fact is that your true conscience is simply a reminder from the love that is trying to live as you, through you, for God.

Conscience is not an inbuilt part of the soul.

It is an added on part of your personality that allows the personality to be itself, and so not to be others, or its ego self only. You are uniquely individual, and not a copy of anyone else.

Personality and conscience

When the personality links to its own conscience, it is for all intents and purposes linking to its soul, and so you are being real, but when your ego bypasses your conscience, your soul connection is then effectively being lost as well.

When this happens, the wants of your ego are being fulfilled by its own programs being run through your mind. We live then from false beliefs, and distorted thinking. We live false lives. We are not being our true self.

Our conscience is not a part of our soul, but our soul uses its voice, just the same.

Our conscience, like our mind, our personality, or our ego, is constructed for us by our soul from out of itself. It is made by our soul to perfectly suit the life that we are entering.

The strength of our conscience is related to our karma.

When our conscience is stronger than our karma, it is showing us that we have come into this life to rid ourselves of much karma by our possessing of this extra strong conscience that prevents us in a way from incurring, or making, much additional further karma, in this coming life.

Our conscience is our personal judge because at the end of the day, it is never God that will judge us, it is always only ever our own selves, that will do this.

We are totally responsible for our own growth, and our soul being a part of God, will always ensure that we are kept on track to do this, by utilising whatever measure it can to do so, within the boundaries of God's love.

This includes all possibilities of course though, because all is love, and love is behind all things, and it is ultimately only ever love that is always responsible for every one of our life's experiences.

Look for love, and you will always find it. This is the voice of your conscience, it too, is simply the voice of love.

"Never do anything against conscience even if the state demands it."

This is a quote from that great physicist Albert Einstein, (1879 to 1955).

To finish this article, I would like to change just one main word of his quote. It would then agree exactly with my article.

"Never do anything against conscience even if your mind demands it."


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author avatar Stella Mitchell
7th Jul 2014 (#)

Our conscience is there to point out right from wrong spirited ..If we ignore it it is to our own detriment it becomes seared and then we become unable to discern between good and evil .
God bless you
Stella ><

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author avatar spirited
7th Jul 2014 (#)

thanks Stella, yes it is certainly there for a good reason.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
7th Jul 2014 (#)

well me darling it is our own conscience that judges us and for which we must keep forgiving ourselves...but most people keep on judging themselves which is evil...only God is good and we are all put that in a pipe and smoke it and we can always discern what is right and what is not...that the work of the One inside who Knows...

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author avatar spirited
7th Jul 2014 (#)

"it is our own conscience that judges us"

Thanks Carolina, that's the very point that I was trying to make here, we only ever judge ourselves. We do this more and more as we grow our consciousness enough to consciously decide to follow love and not fear.

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