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Everybody wants to make money. But little do we realize or admit that money is energy that is abundant throughout the universe, not a particular commodity like coins, bills and cards, but the essence of money is the abundant energy all around us as a genuine commodity.

I would have made this article about making money, but:

We create money through our manipulation of action and energy. Without that action or energy, we do not gain anything but competitive forcing of situations. Competitive forcing of situations never works, but creative work and action, and manipulations of energies always does as we soon shall see in this section.

Earl Nightingale once said that "money is only made in the mint". No, the physical reperesentation of money is made in the mint, the real money is made from actions stemming from the mind and actions in the world to create and control the commodities that the money is based on.

So, money cannot be made, it can only be controlled to our benefit. Reality is action and action controls reality. I would have made this about making money, but I am making this about controlling the energy that money genuinely is. It is not made, but it already exists abundantly and has to be controlled into a form that works with reality to our benefit. I will keep this section brief, but the next section will focus on the more creative aspects of the business of creativity, rather than competitively "gaining".

Creative thinking and money making, flexible tactics doing it also

Recently, I bought a program on setting goals. Sure, whether or not you do have definite goals, a program of this nature is always helpful to clarify things and clean out pockets of doubt that may still linger around in your mind.

Thinking about the genuine nature of creativity, it works best when you do have a definite goal and the tools to achieve it with. The tools are not always physical or mental either, but always spiritual. Let me explain: Everything stems from thought or spirit, not from competitive physical actions. Everything efficient is focused thought and spirit, so focused like a sun's rays through a magnifying glass. You can move the magnifying glass anywhere the sun is shining, same thing will happen, so it is with efficient and focused thought and action. Only difference is, if one thing does not work in these actions, try another, even if it is a little outlandish or unexpected, it may just work better than the original "rigid plan".

"Inside the box" is just three more words for competitive fear. "Outside the box" is unlimited creativity and letting it all genuinely work. Indeed, I will almost end this section of the article with a three step paradigm, with an "interruption" at step two:

1. Come up with a creative plan.
2. Take action on it.
{Interlude: It either works or it does not work.}
3. Repeat steps one and two until you achieve your goal.

This seems simple until you realize the reality that a creative plan is any plan with a successful interlude and then the next plan and the next plan until you achieve your goal. But action is always with the goal in mind. That is why I have step two as "action in the middle". Creativity in planning always comes before action when successful, otherwise "action" is gambling. More in the next section.

The Tao of energy manipulation, or it is all the same stuff, including money.

Think about this fact, everything is energy, right down to what goes into the toilet, the dirt on the ground, the electricity going into the appliance, and the money we make. Sure, I could make this reality more complex than it is, but that is what I spent the other two sections of this article doing, pretty much.

When I think of Einstein's special equation of relativity, this is what it means to me: Wealth and poverty are controlled and created (in that order) by our manipulations of energy, either conscious or unconscious. When impoverished, it is mostly unconscious, unless we want to punish ourselves somehow. When rich, it is mostly conscious, unless we genuinely and deeply want to reward ourselves for good behavior. That statement, in itself, explains many things about poverty and wealth to me, although I typed it up in a readable form just now.

So, a few nights ago, I was reading John Kehoe's book "Mind Power" on my Kindle and thinking about writing that statement down, but it was not in too literate a form at the time. It was more in an energetic idea form, if you know or can fathom what I mean. In short, it was a feeling and a reality I understood, but it was not in too literal form that I could easily express until I came up with the basis for this section of this article. So, I will put it this way:

Wealth starts with a grateful and not taking for granted acknowledgement of energy and vibrations. That means, positive input equals positive output as like attracts like. But, I mean that ultimately in a permanent way, not instantly in a transitory way. Sure, there will be some negative stress causing imperfect moments, but ultimately, with this reality there is a good and ideal end in view. In short and to make it simple, just look at and consider end results no matter what goes on during the process and you will get those end results that you want ultimately.

On the other hand, negativity and ungratefulness attracts negativity and ungratefulness. Thus, indeed, no matter what you get immediately through force and fear that seems good. A negative payment is always the end result. Although it is all the same stuff, it is in how you use it. Right there is the big point. It is all how you use it.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
11th Nov 2014 (#)

Money can be counted and that has translated into power and other possessions. We tend to accumulate more than we ever need leading to greed and envy - siva

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11th Nov 2014 (#)

Awesome post and informative as well, cheers for sharing it!

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