The talent of thinking on your feet

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The thinking performer is always rewarded with good results, even when they seemingly fail, because they are willing to act. The other day, I read a good book on kissing procrastination goodbye, this article was inspired by that book and my own observations also. Willingness to act quick and change decisions slow is a key to integrity as also shall be shown.

Not to be wishy-washy or quickly foolish, but:

Quick action and slow decision change is the most powerful modality of integrity. With slow action and quick decision change, what do you think happens? The opposite of integrity happens. That is all. Genuine integrity leads to ultimate success. Failure is not having integrity at all. In fact, it is giving up on your decision too soon once you have made a decision to do it.

So, I am saying stick to your decision and find different ways not to do it, until you do find a way to do it. Never give up on your idea, whatever it is. Just change approaches. For, if it can be conceived by your mind it can be achieved in reality somehow, even if it is in an unexpected way that does seem to have nothing to do with the achievement of what you want.

I remember my Dad fixing cars, telling me about that concept, and myself putting together and fixing computers getting a full understanding of that concept. So, here is a story I call:

Walter P. Chrysler

He was a man in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA who bought a car from an auto show. He drove it home. Took it apart and put it back together again over and over, learning what was good in the design and what was not. What happened to this man? You have heard of the Chrysler car corporation or Daimler-Chrysler, corporation or Bavarian Motor Works-Chrysler, etc. in some form.

The end of my version of this story

Within that short and "silly" story is understanding of integrity and how it really works for anyone that has it and understands or wants to understand how it works. Listen, stubbornness and silliness are quitting too early and giving up without a reprieve. But, understanding with full meaning and adaptablity to reality is power, meaning, integrity that leads to success and is never foolish. I am being brief in this section to let you fill in the lines with your thinking and what works for you.

The only reward is self-reward

Rewarding yourself and your life comes down to thought on your feet, and not feeling sorry for yourself by saying, "I can't do it, let someone else discover it later."

When I think about what can and cannot be done about reality, I think of many obsolete computers in a room versus our amazing brains with their trillions of cells versus those limited microchips within those at the time they were first made "great and revolutionary" processor microchips. We can do more than anything we make. Just get that through your skull, and any reward we get, we get through our efforts genuinely. Not anywhere else or through anyone else, but our own growth and understanding.

It is a personal thing. Without mincing words, the mind either grows or dies through its efforts or laziness.


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