The use of our memory in the learning of our spiritual lessons

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As we age, our memory skills often seem to decline a little bit too. This article explores the purpose of our having a memory in these our Earthly bodies. The article discusses how this memory serves our soul allowing it to learn from our experiences.

The article looks further than this though. It attempts to answer the rather big question, does God have a memory too?

Why we sometimes forget some of our life experiences

Last night, and over the last few months, I have been forgetting my nightly dreams. Normally though, my dream recall is very good. I remember sometimes as many as three or more of my dreams in a single night.

When someone unexpected, but who I really already know very well, comes to my front door, I regularly suffer a sort of memory shock, that causes me to forget their name, momentarily. Alzheimer's disease also causes old people to forget things, but many old people tend to forget some things more often when old than when they were young anyway.

Spiritually, what is really going on here when we forget things like this? What are we still getting from these experiences in a way that we might not get if we did remember? How does this memory loss still serve us while we are on our spiritual journey as soul?

The end result of an experience adds a plus factor to the emergent consciousness of the mirror of the soul, and so the soul can then see itself from another yet deeper angle of itself, so to speak.

The facets of its diamond are more deeply cut when the energy of the memory is displaced into the cutting.

It takes a certain amount of conscious energy for us to be able to hold onto a memory for conscious learning of the lesson inherently inbuilt into that experience, but the fact is that our soul does not need conscious learning all of the time.

Our soul gains a certain insight into itself also from merely seeing itself in this greater expanded unconsciousness pool that is universally present like a great lake that it can also reflect itself into and see itself from.

A soul can learn then both from a universal reflective glance at itself as well as this individualistical look at its own mirror of consciousness as it is being attached to its outer bodies for this precent incarnation of itself into the lower worlds, so to speak.

What is this thing called memory?

"Time moves in one direction, memory in another."

This is a quote by the American writer William Gibson.

What is memory? Does it exist as a part of our brain? Why does a memory arise sometimes seemingly by itself? Does each lower world body have a memory attached to it? Does soul have a memory? Does God have a memory?

What is time?

Memory is nothing more than a function of having lower bodies. It enables them to operate at their lower levels of vibration. Without memory, they could not efficiently operate within time which always exists at lower vibrational levels.

Time as such is a factor of the loss of perfection or love, in perception only, in these lower worlds and so that we can know this and recognise it, we have memory. This then serves us to assist us to rise again to the higher levels again approaching God.

God lives or exists outside of time, and so he really has no memory as such.

God operates through direct knowledge and unconditional love working together in a way that memory is never required because all he does happens now, and is always happening "afreshly" and for the first time so to speak.

God's only time is a "moment that is repeating itself endlessly," but at the same time really, this moment is not ever really ever repeating itself either. Although this might appear to be the case, nothing ever repeats itself within God's world.

Of course, all of this too is a part of the paradox of God, as time exists for us in his created world, but this time is not existing in his world.

This is because we have attached to our lower bodies, including the physical, emotional and mental bodies, a certain mechanism that measures and times time so to speak. This is the only way that time exists and time therefore is relative and real to us only as we stay in our lower bodies.

For soul, which is mostly existing in God's world, it, our soul, also never measures time, but it is aware of time because of its lower bodies utilising this function of themselves.

God's part in it all further explained

God is also aware of time through our soul's awareness, and also of course because he was the creator of all, including the different bodies and set-ups of soul, and of each and every purpose of existence.

Memory then is a function of time, and it only exists where time exists. For God, he has no memory to serve him, but all memories are available to him, because all souls are in contact with him.

Memory for God is no more than a communication across the time-fields created by him, and attached to each soul through its lower bodies.

Memory had to be created in this way as it must always be attached to a lower vibrational field to exist, and God wanted and so set up the lower worlds so that experience and the journey of love can be recorded forever in these lower worlds, and read by him like as in us reading a library book.

Memory is attached to our lower body's, and it only exists in a material world.

All lower worlds, therefore we will find, have a material element attached to them, and this is so, until we move to the higher purer, (by definitional contrast only) God worlds, where materiality no longer exists, but where only divine love is existing.

Of itself, any message coming from our memory of course is just empty words. It all gets back to the inherent wisdom you take from your interpretation of it.

Meaning is shown by the amount of understanding you have.

If you are ready to learn a particular lesson, it will be shown to you over and over in many ways, until you really learn it. This is just one way in which you can have an insight, and learn the lesson needed at that time. You will keep receiving different experiences until you truly see the lesson, and learn all that you can from it. Memory serves us in our doing of this.

The flesh or physical body holds memories of everything that it has experienced. The soul learns from the flesh, and is limited to a certain extent by inhabiting it, or by being connected to it. And this is so, with each other body right up to your soul body.

The real message then is not to seek your real self from your flesh or lower bodies so much as to just be you, your soul right now, and to know that you are soul now, and as soul to know that you are being loved by God, and by all of his creation now too.

In its way, God's creation always supports you. It cannot not love you.

When you live your life from your real self, or from your soul-self, then time and memory will never seem to worry you again so much ever again. You will know that they are merely tools for you to use as a soul.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
5th Jan 2015 (#)

I have a very good memory, when I was young it was not always a good thing. I had memorized the Bible when I was young as well.

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author avatar spirited
5th Jan 2015 (#)

Thanks for commenting Mark.

I have a good selective memory.

I remember numbers but not names.

I think we all have such a strength in some type of memory.

My wife remembers faces. She recognises them even years after first seeing them.

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author avatar Retired
5th Jan 2015 (#)

Very interesting post. :)

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author avatar spirited
5th Jan 2015 (#)

thanks rama devi nina

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
6th Jan 2015 (#)

Thought provoking, Spirited. My experience is when I get older I tend to forget recent happenings, names, faces and I have a take that they are better forgotten! I like to remember those that gave me happiness from a younger age that I could well carry with me, okay till my last breath at least! Lasting memories are attached to our soul, embedded maybe - siva

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author avatar spirited
6th Jan 2015 (#)

thanks siva, I guess we all have our own personal relationship with our memory...

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author avatar Utah Jay
6th Jan 2015 (#)

It seems my computer is broken, I think I have lost more memory than I retain now days, I think I am like Siva in that way...What's your name again, is one of my most repeated lines...Thanks for making us think spirited.

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author avatar spirited
6th Jan 2015 (#)

"What's your name again, is one of my most repeated lines..."

The answer might be right here, we need to repeat things to memorise them.

thanks Utah Jay

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