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Karma is considered a "Cause and Effect" and a "what you weep is what you sow" A discussion of what Karma is and what it means for us. This was part of a discussion group I had several months back.

Discussion of Karma

Quite a few months back, I had a Spiritual Discussion/Forum in which we discussed Karma and its various meanings and if we are stuck with Karma throughout our lives. As it turns out, many although felt Karma was a Cause and Effect, it was not determined that we are able to predict what the Effect was but knew there was an Effect when one does something.

We did discuss that Karma works in both positive and negative ways depending on the intent. Does the intent drive Karma? Is an intention what drives Karma? As one gives action, that action is directed by intent. This intent is what helps direct what the Cause and eventually an Effect. We also discussed action and reaction. That we can actually change and create a choice to act or react to a situation that has occurred. Many of the Causes are based on Effects from others. So, do we have a choice in being Effected by others? Do we have a choice to change that so we don’t have to go through Karma? Are we able to make that happen?

Is Karma about Revenge?

I brought out a point of many who are in a more Christian realm that believe in Karma. This point was that Karma was not just meant as a Cause and Effect but also a hidden revenge theme of sorts. What does that mean? As I’ve talked to several in the past that believe in Karma, it was not about Karma itself, but of either themselves or someone they know that have been hurt by someone. The intent in their idea of Karma for that person is that they “get what they deserve.” So, for some, it is not just of basic Cause and Effect for the self, but of a revenge theme for others that have hurt them or done something good to them. This was something I've heard many times when people had talked to me about some of the rough times in their life and that they felt that the way to feel better for themselves is that the person who did this get whatever they deserved in their eyes. This could be related to the "Eye for an Eye" mentality that many still go by. Of course, the biggest question would be this - will it make you feel better in the long run? Usually if it is about losing someone, they are still physically gone. They would not be able to comeback because of that.

When I asked the class about this, they felt they have experienced this from others, but didn’t see Karma as a revenge theme but as a learning experience.

Is Karma a Spiritual Law of sorts?

We also talked about a variety of interesting ideas about Karma. One, is Karma a law? Is it irrefutable? Or is it a choice? Can we break Karma? Many had reservations about the idea of being a choice and yet, as we went on, we realized that things can be a choice. A story that I pointed out was about a parent who’s child was murdered and the person who did it was in jail. That parent made a choice. Convict them and be mad at this person for the rest of their life or did they do something else in order to relieve that? The choice was relief. That parent actually forgave that person. The other that was mentioned was “turn the other cheek” and we talked about the difficulty it is to do so because some may feel being “stepped on” and allowing something to keep happening. My interpretation of the meaning of “turn the other cheek” was about “ending the cycle of destruction.” This cycle is what is of revenge because we don’t want to keep doing the same things that have been done to us. It isn’t that you do not do anything, but that you do something more constructive than destructive. It seemed that most felt that being able to resolve Karma was something one can do and it brings up the point that inevitably, Karma is a choice. There are many here on this planet that don’t make it a choice and keep doing what others are doing because it is considered acceptable. Yet, we are not respecting each other. We are not loving each other and we are not learning from each other in a peaceful kind of way. We tend to learn from Karma the hard way. I believe there are those that are somewhat spiritually young and are still in the process in creating more Karma and that is where they are supposed to be at. There are others though that are spiritually mature and even elder and are starting to find ways to resolve this Karma and maybe even help others resolve theirs.

Either way, Karma is Cause and Effect and it is the connections we make with others that help Karma roll it along and something comes back to us. Maybe not what we were expecting or wanting, but something does come.

See Karma as Choice!! Effects don’t have to affect you!!


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author avatar Peter B. Giblett
29th Jul 2014 (#)

This is an interesting discussion and I have long felt karma to be influential in life, yet there are some people who tend to ruffle the "space-time continuum" do whatever they do without a care about how they impact others - their only care being that they profit (usually to the detriment of others) and go on without a care in the world. They either are unaware of karma, or they believe that their practices are righteous and simply continue to profit at the expense of others.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
26th Aug 2014 (#)

I take a view - our judicial system has loopholes and is porous, so many escape the long arm of law; but none can really escape karma, the cause and effect - what we sow , we reap, philosophy. The rich find ways to enrich themselves mostly at the cost of the poor who are forgiving, but they will soon realize those they trust are impatient to get to their loot and that is also karma in action - siva

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