Theme Ideas for Apartment Bathrooms

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Is there anything more uninspiring than an apartment bathroom? The only thing I can think of is an office cubicle! Find out how to be inspired and how to decorate that tiny apartment bathroom.

Making your Bathroom Stand Out

There are many things you can do to make an apartment bathroom stand out. Why bother even? Well, when you have people over and they have to use it, this can be a way of showing your creativity. Also, if you like to take baths once in a while instead of showers, you can actually relax better if you have everything coordinated and in a theme that you enjoy.

There are two basic ways to go about decorating apartment bathrooms: You can come up with a color scheme (either in co-coordinating or contrasting colors), or buy individual pieces that have a printed theme.

Co-ordinating and Contrasting Color Schemes

An example for a co-coordinating color scheme would be doing your bathroom in a water theme, in blue to greenish colors. You could use a different shade of blue for each item (shower curtain, towels, wash cloths, toilet seat cover, bath mat, rug).

Don't forget accessories like shelves. For a water theme bathroom, maybe you could find a wall shelf with a wavy pattern. Not only do interesting shelves add to the decor appeal, they also add functionality, which is a must for apartment bathrooms. You could also buy a simple tissue holder and glue seashells on it. The same could be done with a mirror.

For a contrasting color scheme you could try blue and yellow - think sandy beach with ocean water and crystal blue sky. The same details as already mentioned could be incorporated into this scheme.

For an elegant and different look, you could try black and gold. Yes, they make black shower curtains and black towels etc. In this case you would use gold accessories like shower curtain hooks, toilet paper holder, trashcan and so forth.

Printed Themes

There are also many printed themes for bathrooms available. Some of the more popular and interesting ones are:

* Celestial
* Lighthouse
* Animal Prints
* Fish

When it comes to decorating with printed themes, achieving the right balance is important. While small apartment bathrooms are more forgiving to printed themes than large bathrooms in houses, avoid overdoing it.

How is this balance achieved? For example if you are using a celestial theme, you can purchase the shower curtain and bath ensembles in the sun/moon theme, and then use a variety of dark blue and yellow towels and washcloths. Throw in some celestial shower curtain hooks and perhaps a sun or moon mirror, and you will be all set.

This concept applies to the other themes as well. A lighthouse shower curtain combined with some charming lighthouse shelves or perhaps wall plaques, along with towels and washcloths in a nice sandy color will do the trick.

For animal prints start with a shower curtain with prints to match the trash can. Add a tissue holder to match, and towels and washcloths in different shades of brown, and you will have created wonders for your tiny space.

A fish theme is very versatile as well, and by using the same concepts you will have your own aqua theme in no time.


For extra versatility (no matter which decor you use), you can also add items like scented candles or oil burners. Not only do they add a nice look to your bathroom, they will also add a pleasant smell.

However, don't stop with these ideas mentioned. The key to apartment bathroom decorating lies in paying attention to detail. While focusing on those would either be overlooked or create an overwhelming look in a larger bathroom, this is actually a positive factor about smaller apartment bathrooms.


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16th Aug 2010 (#)

I love this article, well written my dear. I like the idea of using the same color but in different shades, I think I am going too do that to my master bathroom. Thank you.

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