There is always a possibility, as long as you let yourself perceive it

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The past does not matter. Only in the present can we "spend our cash" and make it the future. In psychological and spiritual ways that count, that is reality. Nothing else is.

I gave, I give and will always give more than I take.

I gave those first three sentences in the beginning page summary lots of thought before I typed them out. What we give in the now is the genuine spiritual currency we spend. What we gave in the past is something to reflect on for a moment and out do in the next version of the present until we get better and better. When we do this instead of actively live in the past, we become ever better winners. The only time you genuinely lose is when you shut yourself off and live in the concrete past.

Sure, I could be a little less realistic about how to live in this article, and talk about traditional divination, like palm reading and tarot cards. But, I do believe that genuine divination starts with the cause and effect of how we genuinely live and the genuine karma yoga of life and existence. All the great books of tarot and our palms do is reflect our genuine nature anyway, not predict it. I believe in tarot reading and palm reading, but only as reflectors and not predictors of what is going on. The best way to tell your fortune, really then, is to take the best action that your genuine understanding can provide to you. Start thinking, and you can only genuinely think and perceive for yourself like your own shuffling of the cards, reading your lines or using a random generator of results for this like a computer or fortune telling machine that you input the information into. If it is good, go on. If it is bad, get busy making it good ultimately. For our fortune starts with us in the form of cause and effect no matter how much we want to escape that fact or embrace it.

Get creative fast as a hare at the beginning, but be patiently working like the tortoise through to the end.

In the infamous story of the tortoise and the hare: the rabbit snuffed out his possibilities with overconfidence, but the turtle won through using what he had to the best of his possibilities patiently. That story is the fortune told of all perfectionist overconfidence failure in comparison to proper and ideal work ethic that genuinely creates consistent success. I said consistent success, not perfection. The idea that there can be immediate perfection comes with genuine failure. Genuine perfection is worked out patiently and ethically through consistent work combined with creative problem solving until the perfection is achieved. Even then, there are up and down moments to deal with after it is achieved. For, success is the achieving and maintaining of a worthy and genuine ideal. Success is not just the mountain top, it is also a good climb up there that goes well, also.

The workshop and laboratory of imagination

Ideas are where everything starts, sure. But you must follow through and maintain the level of creativity to succeed. Indeed, the best way to do this is to view the imagination as a workshop and laboratory with infinite abilities to produce, procure and hone reality into what is wanted and needed. Today may be the same sun as yesterday and tomorrow, but we can always maintain our efforts and make them better and imagination and persistence is the secret to it all. Overconfident talent will not get it done without consistent work ethic to back it up. You see that fact on variety competitions such as "American Idol", "Britain's Got Talent" and other competitions. Improving yourself consistently is the best way to live, depending on nature to get you through without effort or imaginative creative bettering is the worst way to live and the best way to genuinely lose and end up living in the past. The present and the future are always made by better ideas.


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