There is no such thing as the no-risk life, or easy existence.

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In any situation, remember, there is nothing to be but calm and business like as a pincer is, because the worst has already happened if it has happened and it must be dealt with without panic and dealt with right.

Be calm. Do not panic. Be alive and alert about the problem.

Do extreme problems call for extreme measures? I do not think so. Sometimes, the calm approach is the best. A few years ago, I went through major financial/credit identity and at the same time my Mother was moving to her current apartment. Okay, I see them as minor incidents now, but at the time, they were a "shake up" of sorts. I did not want to start this page with anything too major like going straight into terrorism, but I did want to start it with a personal incident that brought some horror (what it felt like at the time) into my own life.
Court seemed like a horrible experience, and getting this identity theft cleared up seemed like a horrible experience, as well as moving my Mother, but, I genuinely feel that those "shake up" experiences make us all better people. Big experiences or little experiences, they make us richer, more knowledgeable people in every way. In short, they make us more alive people. Every positive move without a negative challenge would be too smooth, so consciousness would genuinely die a death more horrible than many terrors without those minor things to get us up and going genuinely. I do not mean this in an extreme sense though. I mean those major and minor challenges that galvanize us into genuine action.
I realize that without problems, we would have nothing to do. For some, that seems like a good existence. But, is it? I do not think that a problem free predictable existence would hold the interest of anybody. It is those challenges that make us better people or worse people. If everything were static, everything would die.
I remember this Ray Bradbury short story about an automatic house without its occupants to give it life, since it did not have any occupants or normal problems to solve, it just burned down with all its automation dying with it. The point to that example is: Without problems, we can only get worse, not better. With problems, we are galvanized to get better always when we do endeavor to deal with them. So, like the section title says. First, be calm. Second: Do not panic, it is not as bad as it seems. Third, be alert, alive and persistent about the problem. You will solve it ultimately.
The easy existence is in memory, death or worse, living in the past. There is one place I keep my concerns, I will not call them worries. That is too negative. That is now. I deal with them peaceably, knowing that I will be a better person after I have dealt with them.

Working Together.

Cooperation between people takes away a lot of risk inherent in every situation good or especially bad. When I say especially bad, I mean the worst, most normally horrible situations, even death or incredible destruction as happened in the Phillipines a few days ago. The point of mentioning this is not to make the bad "comfortable", but to make the bad better understood and better able to be handled calmly.
When I handle the bad or a problem now, it does not shock me at all, I am incredibly business like in every way that counts. Even when it is a situation where I genuinely have to extend myself in way that I normally do not.
I named this section after an old Ike and Tina Turner song called "Working Together" written by Eki Renrut, sometimes I listen to this song and I think of some of the points of this article, but I never could verbalize or put them into a palatable form until now.
I do not believe in the genuine collective brain or anything like that, but I do believe genuinely cooperative individual minds can form a sort of "master mind" as Napoleon Hill writes in his books and says in his recorded lectures. That "master mind" is better than a lone mind in handling problems I do believe, problems of any sort that may come up in life, existence and everything. Alone you are genuinely alone, in the "master mind" you cooperate and make things work with all the different contributing perspectives cooperating.


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