There is nothing more revolutionary than transgressive common sense (so I use it)

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We live in a confusing time in which no one seems to know what is happening, and where ,today we receive an absolutely reliable advice in one direction and the opposite tomorrow . And there are people who have decided to forego their judgment , courage and decisiveness , and let go. A bad idea. And what if we recovered our values ​​and common sense?

A call to action

In this scenario a few voices , but neither are the more aggressive nor more screaming , remind us of the importance of returning to the origins and above all, to restore our common sense . Because in recent times we have lost our first rich thinking , and now we are feeling the worst country in the world ... when we are not .

This post aims to be a cross between a statement and a call to action, as I believe that time to plant our common sense and our principles, to fight for the right thing has come . What if we put aside the passivity and pessimism , and tried another way?

1-USE YOUR COMMON SENSE. It is your most powerful tool . Let's believe everything we see on TV, what politicians say or what people say in the news, and draw our own conclusions.

2-FLEE THE pessimism . Let us not be trapped by this endemic sadness that seems to flood all levels of society. Reality is not what we see on the news. For every news there is something wrong . So stop acting like a victim and start looking at the world through different eyes.

3-ENTREPRENEURS WILL NOT SAVE THE WORLD . Enough of load on the shoulders of that collective pressure that is the response to the crisis , that they are the key. Certainly there is a beacon of hope , and it is true that in the long term the new companies will transform economies ... but let's not use as that excuse . ALL of us have a responsibility from the employer to the last worker.

4-THERE IS NO MAGIC PRESCRIPTION, ONLY EFFORT . Self-proclaimed gurus induce us to think that this can fix the government , Europe, the IMF or the Fairy Tooth Fairy , that this does not go with us and are taxable . Nope . There is only one way forward , and with effort and head. Working better and more , and especially in a different shape.

5-TIME HAS COME FOR HUMILITY . Although humility is happening over certain characters like a 16 wheel truck , there are still many who think that this is not working with them. We can all learn from everyone , and no one has all the answers , so you better get off your ivory tower and come to the real world ... that is where the answers are .

6-NEED FOR NEW RESPECT . We have become a cynical society that criticizes those who succeed and those who crush do not, and the way we've run out references. Without these figures we admired when we were young and said " most want to be like him." Because we lack concerning more than ever, people who inspire us and make us want to be better than we are. And there are hundreds of them , we need only look around us with new eyes.

7-BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE. Stop complaining and wait for change to come to you. If you really think you need to change things, start with the square meter you have around you. Start with your family and friends and with your environment . No one will do it for you.

8-STOP focusing on what separates YOU . Let's not focus on the elements that make us different from other people , not using labels that all they do is different. Let's start looking at what makes us equal . Let's stop looking at what makes us different and focus on what unites us . It is the only way to win.

9-IF YOU THINK YOU CAN , YOU CAN . You'll always find people telling you that you will fail . Your adventure is doomed from the start . You just can not do anything . But the world is full of people who really could . Amancio Ortega When he decided to launch his business, do you think the soothsayers told him that his vision did not make sense, that the textile industry was saturated with no room for one more ?

10-YES YOU THIS VA . I do not expect you to lose your job , your company or dropping your partner to stay on the street. If you do not like how things are going on, make it known .


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