There was an old story I would like to write about now: Fear said it would take 5,000 people, but:

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The old story goes that "the old devil named Fear" said that he would take 5,000 people for sure, but instead about 100,000 people died and fear said "I took 5,000 people for sure, but perception took the rest." In reality, fear is simply a perception, so is courage. In life we must strive to perceive reality if we want objectively based courage. This article (I hope) will help with that understanding.

Sure, we can take every "correct" precaution, but:

How we handle what genuinely comes is most important. Not clairvoyant knowledge, "forecasting" or anything of that sort. I mention the old story in the introduction to this article for a reason. Fear will take you out if it is unchecked without the benefit of genuine self-judgement and reason.

Recently, I heard a story on a recording about a man in a refrigerator boxcar that was not even turned on, was even slightly open and he still "froze to death" which brings me to a point of contention about consciousness: We do not create our reality, but we do control our reality through our perceptions of it.

Sure, I have read "The Secret" books and agree to an extent with it and what is said in the books. But, here is where those books go "South of the border of reality" Sure we are in the driver seat of our thoughts, but we control reality, we do not create it. That means we can perceive the glass as half empty or half full, or a good situation or a bad situation, but we control our perceptions and actions, not the objective happenings with our thoughts solely.

When I think of what life comes down to, I think of realistic action taking in whatever situation I find myself in. I do not think of how I can create a solution, I think of how I can control the situation to my benefit. In short, I see the best in all things, even the worst such as death or whatever. Instead of seeing permanent tragedy, I see the lesson, no matter what may come. Because when all is said and done, perfection is mind created, and precautions are just a band-aid or a temporary solution. The permanent solution is to see everything in a different light and raise consciousness instead of depend on outer precaution or outer perfection.

The realities of "You cannot take it with you" and "You shall not get away with it":

When you look deeply within, you realize that perfection is a mind-created concept and there is not any such thing as the perfect crime, because inside, you know you did wrong, and inside you understand all the imperfections that others outside you do not see.

Indeed, fear comes from within in the forms of nonsense thoughts of "you cannot build it again, you need to take it with you" or "it is possible for you to commit the perfect crime without getting caught by the judge within you yourself." None of those thoughts do work in any way in reality.

What do all my thoughts have to do with terrorism? Everything. I mean, terrorists believe that they can do the perfect crime and take it all with them when they get their consequences. Terrorism is ultimately based on negative mysticism and foolish mysticism.

Indeed, positive mysticism is the inventor creating an idea that people can use like the light bulb, but negative mysticism is ultimately all terrorism and crime. Think about that fact for a moment deeply and you will see that these are truly honest facts I am relating here.


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author avatar spirited
1st Feb 2018 (#)

That's an interesting article.

"We do not create our reality, but we do control our reality through our perceptions of it."

I never thought about that much before, but what you said I think is very true.

What has perception got to do with reality?

Perception lives not in the emptiness of life but in its fullness, whereas reality simply is that fullness emptied into you.

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