Things You Never Should Post On Your Facebook Account

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A brief Article About what you should never post on facebook

Things You Never Should Post On Your Facebook Account

It simply takes a few minutes to create a Facebook account. Only a few seconds to comment on any page or profile. Only a few clicks to post some pictures. So easy. What some people don’t realize however, is that once a comment, a picture or a link is posted, it could take a life of its own and would be very hard to remove online.

Of course, Facebook allows the user to remove whatever he posts on his own account, but particularly intriguing, scandalous or offensive material can be captured forever by the wrong people. Others can simply open your profile, press the print screen button and paste the picture on a different account. From then on, you have no control and you will know the difference between online and real life friends.

So what should and should not be posted? Here are a few examples:

Comments offensive to a group of people. This could include wrong generalizations to a certain nationality,race, gender, religion, etc. When one of the strongest typhoons hit the Philippines in 2009, one facebook user commented that people should repent because the disaster was a punishment from god. The comment landed the user to a lot of trouble, including no less than her personal safety. This was even after she denied that she was the one posting. She claimed her account was hacked.

Pictures harmful to National Security or Reputation . A picture paints a thousand words, so they say. This is especially if you or a family member works in a sensitive position in the government. If say your dad is working for an intelligence agency, you don’t want to post online where and with whom you spent your holidays. And how many times do you hear of young war veterans landing in trouble for pictures during their tour that found its way to the world wide web?

Sexually suggestive photos. Ok, you were having all the fun at last night’s party. You might not be that daring, but just for fun, you did some naughty pauses because all of your friends did. Perhaps a few years on, you would be shocked to see how some malicious souls dug all those pictures just to deny you that promotion, or worse, that possible lifetime partner.

Work related matters. Comments that you thought random could inform competitors within and outside your company about the things that you have been up to lately. I even suggest not including your boss or subordinates in your ‘friends’ list. A personal friend once posted how excited she was about the job interview with another company. A few minutes later, her facebook friend and current boss sent a message expressing disappointment.

Dirty Laundry. No, not the ones you wore at work yesterday. I mean those, family issues that should be kept within family circles. Nobody should be interested about why you got angry with your parent or your sibling. And those who do seem to be interested, they are only after the gossip. So better keep things to yourself. Family issues are usually solved long before those gossips and bad rep go away.
These are just a few examples. There are no hard and fast rules. However, before you press that ‘post’ button, think a few seconds more.

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