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There are some things in life which everyone should follow. But most of them are ignoring it. Do it if you can because it is so much valuable.

Know yourself

Do you have power?. Yes, of course. It means the ability to do a particular thing. It depends on person to person. There are people who can smash the bricks with one hand, lifting a 100 kg bench press. But can you smash a wall, which is made of concrete? Absolutely not. You will get hurt. There is a limit for your physical power. But there are some powers which is unlimited. It has a value of infinity. Not everyone have that power, because their mind need to be stronger.

Don't waste food

We are eating food 3 or 4 times daily. Everyday, thousands of people die due to hunger. They don't have a food once in a day. If you want to realize it, eat twice in a day. You will know it, how much hunger you are. You may become anger when you don't have food. So having without food in a day is how much hunger. How can they survive without food? Even if you don't have the will to give food, please don't waste it, because that food can survive a hungry man

Control Anger

It is very difficult to control anger. Some people may be out of control and they need some persons to manage them. Why we need anybody's help? Can we control our self? If you have anger then take a deep breath, relax and after you calm, talk with them. Keep in mind that don't insult other people in front of the public because it may affect them a lot.

If someone scold you, please don't respond it immediately because this may cause their anger to increase. Remember this quote, be careful with the words that come through your mouth. Once, they are said, they can only be forgiven, not forgotten. Yoga is the best exercise for managing control. Practicing it can control your anger.

Give respect and get respect

Respect every individual. if you have a servant, give respect. We are not losing anything, when we respect our subordinates. Instead we are gaining a value from them. It is a way of sharing the values. This tends your subordinates to be more closer with you. This is a two way communication. It will make your relation closer. Helping others is also a good habit.


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4th Jul 2013 (#)

Food waste is horrific, it is like throwing money away. Even worse is when meat is wasted, an animal suffers and dies for nothing, most people eat way too much meat, more than is needed - their body wastes it. People can save a lot of money, and help the planet, and end suffering by eating less meat.

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5th Jul 2013 (#)

Thank you for your valuable suggestion

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