Thinking about the future in relation to human nature and its general trends

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It is all good, because everyone wants to ultimately benefit themselves, even the worst of us. That is why nothing will truly destroy itself. It will all just cough up, spit and go on "trucking" and moving on through the march of history.

The future: A life or not to have a life

Ultimately, even the worst of us who claim that they want to lose or are "born to lose" want to win big or at least break even ultimately. This is why even the most war-like, war torn countries have a hard time activating and using a nuclear weapon, because the natural impulse of life is self-preservation, and the most unnatural impulse in existence is self-destruction or destruction in general on purpose. Natural death or an end is something most consciousnesses can deal with, but, who can really sanely deal with an enforced end? Even Herman Goring had to do a little thinking before he bit down on that cyanide bullet when he got caught.

So, think about this fact, everybody, even the worst of us who "want to die" really want to live in ideal circumstances if it is at all possible. Who really wants to die a horrible death? Nobody. Call this the Jerry Seinfeld version of obvious "nothing" prophecy, but, that is just reality in human nature. Even Franklin Delano Roosevelt used the nuclear bomb on Japan as a last resort. My point is not to incense, but to say, in the end, everyone wants to live a good life, even the worst of us.

Look, for the best of us, it is all obvious, but for the worst of us, it is simply desperately clinging on to the last of the best that is within us that is natural. What is natural is to live a good life. What is unnatural is to seek power and destroy everything just to get "more than a good life", and in the end they want what is natural, a good life that satisfies them, not so much more. But it ends up perverted in this way, and I put it in somewhat metaphorical terms: Ultimately, Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow were after a good life themselves, but they wanted more or to at least break even in the depression era, so they went into crime to steal more than their share, and they got shot up and blown up for that crime, not so much robbing banks and destroying small lives, but they wanted more than their share and they paid for it.

To be a genuine winner, you must have a satisfying life that does not harm others, but in fact enhances yourself and others in a good or great way depending on what you are willing to pay and benefit yourself with. So, when I say, a life or not to have a life, this is what I mean: We all have a choice of futures. Like I said, I hate to disappoint with this "Jerry Seinfeld" nothing version of prophecy that depends on our natural actions. But this is where it starts and ends. Oh Francis Bacon, give me a quote that I can make gender neutral so it applies to everyone!:

"A wise person will make more opportunities than they find."


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