Thinking of upgrading to Windows 7?

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Making sure you have the right version of windows 7.

What version is right for you?

It really depends on what you want to use your computer for, if you just want to play games and listen to some music then "home Premium" will be perfectly ok. However if you want extra security and you want to be able to have the abiltiy to use two processors on your motherboard then you will need to get "ulimate" there are many variations to each version of windows; to many to explain however there is a chart to quicky have a look at compare versions

What is best for you? Upgrade edition? OEM edition? or Full edition?

Each version is available in all Editions

Upgrade Edition:
If you have a version of windows (xp, vista) on your computer (which most people do) the upgrade version is the right choice. Before you upgrade to windoes 7 I would advise that all important files you have put onto a memory stick or an external hard drive or if you have backed up then even better. Then when you are asked by the windows 7 installer, click on clean install (this will wipe all programs and files how ever this is the option every tech guy will take) however there is also another option. you can click on keep old files, this will keep all your program files (so you keep your programs and files) however there it is not a 100% that they will all be kept, I know some people who have done this and then they can not use there programs and have lost files. This can only be installed on one system.

OEM Edition:
This is mainly for people who have a blank hard drive and need an operating system. This can only be installed on one computer and as i know can not be installed over an operating system.

Full Edition:
Basically the same as OEM and Full version however you can installed on many computers so this is good is you plan on upgrading your whole home network. This can be installed over an operating system as well.

64bit or 32bit?

This is simple, if you have or more than 3gb of RAM (random access memory) you should get 64bit however if you have less then should get 32bit.

If you have over 3gb of ram in your pc and have a 32 bit operating system the computer does not know how to use all of it, so your computer is not using all of what it has inside. To combat this you should get an 64bit edition and you have up to 16gb of ram.

(if you need to find out how much ram you have at the moment it is easy, click start then right click on computer, then chose properties and under "installed memory" it will tell you how many gb of ram you have installed)


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