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Life is an opportunity, take it to better yourself. For as it says in the Bible of Christendom (As a universal law also:) To them that have, more will be given. To them that have not, what little is there will be taken away. What that means is that you must appreciate what you have and expand it, especially money or it really does dry up and poverty happens.

Everything is an opportunity, so if you have a problem, that's good!

Let me explain coming out of the gate what I mean by that title, and the introduction to this article. Everything is an opportunity to take action, especially so-called problems. If life and existence are too easy and complacent anything just gets used up. If you need a solution, you can become rich through creating a solution for a major problem. Think about that for a moment. Some of the best problems and solutions get created when it is time for change. Lethargic normality "without problems" is the worst condition to make money in.

The oil lamp needed to be improved so the electric light was invented. It starts at a basic level as that. It does not end at the advanced cell phone or MP3 player, but where there is a major problem, there is always a chance to get rich through the solution. That is my big point here.

No problems, when looked at correctly, just opportunities.

Spending without making more could be a problem, even if there is an abundance. Because if there is not more made, even that abundance will be used up.

The point to those two sentences is this: Everything is an opportunity when you think about it as one, and look at things differently. So, dump normality and go above normal and create solutions. That is where the riches are now, and always.

Energy and information are power. We must create and better ourselves through our solutions, not accept what we cannot change or make better. Ultimately, in fact, what cannot be made better must be discarded and replaced with a better solution. After all, what normal household regularly uses something other than a light bulb to light a house. Yet, only a century and a half ago, nobody thought that there would be a improvement over the oil lamp or the candle.

The most powerful thing in existence

The most powerful thing in existence is a good, powerful idea that genuinely works. I am not writing about an idea that sounds good and comes off sound (remember the "Flowbee" hair cutting system by Rick Hunts?). No, I am talking about I am writing about a genuine value creating, money making idea that does work to change things and "bring them up a notch" by revolutionizing the way things are done. Why do you think I am talking about "stuff" like the light bulb and the wheel anyway? That's why.

A really revolutionary idea changes things for the better, not for the worse, and not just a fleeting inspiration that sounds good either.


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author avatar brendamarie
6th Dec 2015 (#)

great article with great advice.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
7th Dec 2015 (#)

Interesting post!

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