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Lots of my friends from all over the world ask many questions about living in Seattle, Washington. While this page does not cover it all, it's a good source for one perspective.

What is living in Seattle, Washington like?

Living in Seattle, Washington is remote to say the least. My life includes those whom I love most in the world including my husband Virgil and my pet, Ms. Minnie. We have close friends and family who also live nearby and we visit together at least once a month and this is why...

Each month in Seattle, the first Thursday is set aside for the Artwalk. So once a month at least we all visit the various museums and galleries as well as sample new art and music from vendors and performers in Pioneer Square in downtown Seattle.

Weekly, at lunch time at Seattle City Hall, performers of varied styles showcase their talents daily. From day to day as I sip my tall mocha from Starbuck's, I never know if I will be moved to laughter, wonder or tears.

Citizens in Seattle are just as varied from neighborhood to neighborhood. My friend Jonathan is a Manager at a private hotel in the Wallingford neighborhood just north of downtown Seattle. Most of his guests are parents visiting their children who are students at Pacific University or The University of Washington. When I visit Jonathan we may walk to the neighborhood deli under the blooming branches of various native trees meeting residents who may be walking their dogs or their cat or even their mongoose. Wallingford residents are very physically active with walkers of all ages, joggers and bike riders. So when I visit Jonathan, it's always an opportunity to burn calories and expand my consciousness.

Another neighborhood I have to mention because it is one of my favorites is Allentown. Allentown is South of downtown Seattle and is a quiet, scenic neighborhood that a tourist will never see. The main word I think of in relation to Allentown is serene. Many times Virgil goes to fish in Allentown because it is so remote and private. Other fisherman are always there and they are quiet, contemplative and the only conversation concerns fish and fish alone. Going to Allentown is like a mini vacation for us. Virgil casts his fishing line and we relax and listen to the water gurgle by. After an afternoon in Allentown, we feel rejuvenated and ready to face the high energy of Seattle again. Nothing else compares except visiting one of the islands. Vashon Island is my favorite. While Virgil prefers Bremerton. Both of us enjoy the ferries while visiting the islands and it is very authentically Seattle in every way.

Another lovely aspect of living in Seattle, Washington is the freedom to just stay indoors watching DVDs and ordering gourmet pizza. We love to get all kinds of movies to review and discuss while eating our favorite pizza from Milano's, so fabulous!!!

The bottom line

I have lived in the state of Texas to Bagdad, Iraq but Seattle is my home and I adore it here. What is it like living in Seattle? Most likely very similar to living any other place. What makes Seattle special to me? My husband, Virgil, my sons, Jonathan and Joe, my grandchildren and all of my local friends. Isn't is loved ones that make any city a real home? Of course it is!


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I am a native of Texas who has lived in California and Iraq. Currently living in Seattle, WA, USA and author of three books; Hell in Houston, Sunbeams and Carnal.

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author avatar Jojay
21st Dec 2012 (#)

Hi Coletha,
Great picture!, and Seattle article. My spouse and I came over here for The World's Fair in 1962 and have been here ever since. You capture the feeling of the place: serene and peaceful, yes; but it's also full of electric energy. We have a vital theatre scene here. In fact, one of Seattle's earlier theatres, "The Empty Space" spawned some pretty impressive talent; talent that went on to do movie and TV shows. The famous poet Theodore Roethke taught at the University of Wa as well as Richard Hugo. I don't think Seattle is 'remote' at least; who hasn't heard of Bill Gates and Microsoft?

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author avatar Coletha Albert
21st Dec 2012 (#)

Thank you for your comment! I tried to really "paint a picture" with my wording as well as communicate the "feeling" of living in Seattle that is so unique from some other places. I think that Bill Gates really struck lightning with Microsoft but I have been looking for more innovation since 1995 with the advent of Microsoft applications and the World Wide Web. There is probably something in the pipeline though. Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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author avatar Tony Barnes
22nd Dec 2012 (#)

I still have the mindset the rain would drive me crazy. Do yall really get depressed when the sun shines? :-)

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author avatar Coletha Albert
23rd Dec 2012 (#)

Yes!! I find sunshine oppressive and unsettling if it lasts more than a is something!

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