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Competition is the ultimate weakness, creation is the ultimate strength. However, I am not saying that work and bargains are not needed. No, they are creatively wanted. But trying to "outshine" others is not needed, but creative and original productivity is. This, in essence is what this article will touch on.

Create a life, instead of compete for one.

If we are in a hurry to compete for "what is already there" and fight over the "little leftover crumbs", what is the point? I believe there is not a point. If we really want to do something with a genuine course and a real point, we must create our lives out of our own best efforts. Supplies of creativity are not limited. Oh, the supplies of creativity only seem limited to they that compete for what is "already there". But, when you are creative genuinely, you pioneer what will become normal ultimately and genuinely.

It is said that the wheel cannot be reinvented in any way after it has been invented. That is true and real. But, the honest fact is that, there is always a better way to do things waiting to be found out of "the rough".

The greatest wealth does not come through "good fortune" or "lucky providence", but, it does come through creativity.

The most powerful idea in the world:

Gratitude and being creative enough not to take things for granted is the most powerful idea in existence. But, how many people are grateful enough for their lives to admit that? Not many. Too many look at life as "get up, do your job and go home" in a routine way. It is like that speech Russell Herman Conwell gave about the farmer in South Africa that did not realize anything about his acres of diamonds until it was too late and he killed himself by drowning in a river in Spain.

The thing is, you can grow a real fortune under your feet and in this reality if you genuinely look at things in a different way that is more powerful from within, instead of looking for the power outside of yourself.

To be a winner it starts deep in your soul and your spirit, in yourself. It starts with deep creativity instead of deeply envious competitive thought. In fact, read these simple sections a few times, and you will find the most powerful idea in the world. To end with a quote from Wattles himself: "Draw nigh unto God, and God will draw nigh unto you." Sure there will eventually be sections added, but, this will be kept pretty simple and understandable, and when I think of something equally useful, yet bullet like and simple I will add it.

Create from seeming failure.

If you seemingly failed, do not look at it as failure, look at it as a stepping stone to what is ultimately better. With that said, I also say this: Sometimes success is not the top of the heap it seems to be like George Washington winning the Revolutionary War ultimately. But here is a big shocker about that, Lord Cornwallis won most of the battles. Why do you think it is said that he won the Revolutionary War and not the Revolutionary Battles?

I know, that is a dramatic example, but that understanding is needed if you ultimately succeed like you really want to in life and existence. Sure winning is everything and losing is nothing, okay. But genuinely quitting and not changing your approach is worse than losing, it is just genuinely giving up. I will not end on that note here:

A winner makes themselves a winner through the advantages that are hidden from those who go by surface evidence. That means if seemingly losing is needed to rework to win like the Trojan Horse did with their trick on Athens, do it.

So, when I say winning is everything, I mean it is everything right down to never quitting even with seeming loss overtakes you even temporarily. The permanent win comes through all that experience anyway. It is "getting away with cheating" that is the real loss anyway. Ultimately when you cheat to "really win without trying" or depend on "beginner's luck" fully, you only cheat yourself. To really win, as a fighter knows how to fall to reduce injury, you must know fully about losing and its consequences. To really win, you must fully understand the in and out of all of it. Indeed, the real finish line is full-context understanding, patience and tolerance that does really win from the core. No quitting!


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14th Aug 2015 (#)

very inspiring post, thanks for sharing

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