Three Important Factors to Consider in Choosing a Sound Card

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This article is about the three important things that a computer user should consider in choosing or purchasing a sound card. Sound card is also one of the most important components of the computer system. This article also provides you detailed information on the concepts and uses of sound cards as well as the three important factors to consider in choosing a good quality sound card.

Three Important Factors to Consider in Choosing a Sound Card

The first personal computer sound is just a simple beep. Early computers only able to produce a beep sound. The beep sound of the computer was usually produced to warn the user that there were something missed or some runtime errors. Later on, computer engineers and technicians were able to figure out the frequency and length of the beep sound. The frequency and length of the sound produce a different tone to the listener.

Nowadays, three definition audio from computer games and surround playback from DVD's are played using special sound cards. There are also sound cards capable of recording sounds of the surroundings and creating professional audio recordings.

The most fundamental function of the sound card is to translate the waves of analog sound into digital sound which could be modified using the computer and audio editing software. However, whatever the capabilities of the different sound card devices they still have their differences and there are some things that you should always consider choosing a sound card.

Three Important Things to Consider in Choosing a Sound Card

Bit-Rate of the Sound Card
It is an important thing to consider the sound card's bit-rate. Whatever type of sound card that you will be using, there is still a big effect in the sound quality because of its bit-rate. It also affects the level of enjoyment when you listen to your favorite music, playing your games, and watching to your favorite movies. The usual rate of sound card today is 8 to 16 bits. However, advanced sound cards can support up to 24 bits of sound quality. You should always keep in mind that the bit-rate of the sound card reflects to the clarity and detail of the sound which is usually noticeable when you are listening to your music. If you are to compare, the bit-rate is like the pixels of the pictures which defines the quality and the resolution of the picture or image. More pixels mean higher resolution and picture quality. The clarity of sound are also expressed in bit-rate.

Connection of the Sound Card

It is important to consider the connections of the sound card. Most sound cards have two types of connections: the connection for microphone and for speakers. However, professional users and musicians need additional connections from the sound card. Those are the additional connections which are inputs and outputs for different devices aside from microphones and speakers. Those advanced speakers allow multiple connections for speakers and supports 3D surround sound.

Other connections also have connection for synthesizers and other instruments. This connection is called musical instrument digital interface (MIDI). USB connections allow digital video and audio recorders to the connector of the sound card.

Software Compatibility of the Sound Card

The last important thing to consider on sound cards is its software compatibility. Sound cards are structured to produce audio part of your data. If you have a sound card which does not support your software, it will really give you a big problem later. An example of this is, if you are an avid computer 3D gamer you are very familiar with the software of your sound card like the DirectX. This standard software is for games capable of being played on Windows operating system and it is frequently updated by Microsoft Corporation. Older sound card models do not support latest software from Microsoft and it will be useless.

When we are talking about sounds, we will always remember the beep sound of the early computers. Those three factors above will be a great help and guide when you will decide to purchase a sound card someday.


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