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If we want to be successful online marketers, we need to know some basic expressions about online marketing. So if you want to start learning about it, this article can be a good start point.


First of all I recommend you to read change our investment vision then continue to read this one.
One of the main points for business owners is making people to see their businesses.This businesses can be websites, blogs, products or .... We can see many companies pay millions of dollars to TV channels just to being seen. There is a word in online marketing which stands for this and it is cost per thousand impression (usually showed by CPM). CPM(Cost Per Mille) is a rate and shows the amount of money you should spend to have 1000 viewers. The word "MILLE" is a Latin word that means thousand so we can say CPT instead of CPM. For example:
if a website provide a CPM rate of 0.1$ it means if you put your banner on their website you must pay 0.1$ for each 1000 visitors who saw your banner there.
As a result for section 1 we can understand that the first keyword which we need as a tool in online marketing is CPM.


Some times we need something more than just being seen on another website. we need to have visitors for our own website via that banner, for example:
We made a landing page and we need some subscribers on it so we buy a CPC pack rate of 0.2$ from a website in the same niche. This mean we should pay 0.2$ per click or per viewer who came to our landing page via that link or banner on that website.
As a result for this section we can say CPC(Cost Per Click) means the amount of money we should pay for each click on our banner in publishers page.


CTR(Click Through Rate) is a simple formula which is a combination of CPM and CPC and you can see the formula below:

This formula tells us that CTR means the number of clicks per 1000 visitor.
Actually, CTR is an index that shows the quality of a website for advertising in a particular niche.
This index depends on many different factors like : Place of the banner, The quality of that banner, being in the same category with the publisher's site and ....
for example, If a website tell us that its CTR is 0.1% , It mean 1 click will happen per 1000 visitors.

So now we learnt 3 important tools about online marketing and I hope this article would be useful for you.


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