Tidal power energy and Ocean thermal power energy

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Ocean thermal energy sites in India are located at the coasts of Chennai, and Kavarathi at Lakshwadeep.

Ocean thermal energy

Ocean thermal energy- It is based on the differences in temperature between the warm surface water and the cold water in deeper parts of the ocean. It can be easily harvested if the temperature difference between surface water and water depth of 1000 meters is 20 Celsius degrees.

Tidal power energy

Tidal power energy- The term tide is used for the periodic rise and fall of waters of the ocean caused by the attraction of the moon and the sun, due to the movement of water available during tides, hydroelectric plants can work quite successfully. The first tidal power plant of India is located at Kandla port.

Petroleum fuel

Petroleum – or crude oil is formed in a similar way as in case of coal. But instead of becoming a rock, it becomes a liquid trapped between layers of rocks. It can be made into gas, petrol, kerosene, diesel, fuel and oils. These products are used in houses for heating and cooking and in factories as a sources of heat energy. They are also used in power stations and to provide fuel for transport. However, their use, especially petroleum and diesel, pollutes the environment and effects people's health.

Natural gas

Gas- Gas is made in the same way as petroleum and is also trapped between layers of rocks. Natural gas is trapped, compressed and piped into homes to be used in stoves and hot water systems. Liquefied petroleum gas is made from crude oil. It is used for cooking and heating in homes, industrial heating in boilers, kilns and furnaces. LPG can also be used as an alternative to petrol as a engine and transport fuel.

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9th Aug 2013 (#)

Brief and to the point. Renewable energy is the way forward to ensure energy security for all countries - siva

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9th Aug 2013 (#)

Governments in all countries should give alternative energy serious attention.They should invest and encourage inventors,engineers to contribute to this cause.

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