Time Waster of The Week #6: Play Bloons TD 4

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This very popular tower defense game has the huge potential to waste some time.

Bloons TD 4

The monkeys of Africa hate one thing and one thing only: balloons. They are relentless! Balloons crowd around monkeys when they are walking, they harass and abuse. But regular balloons are no match for the feared Bloons. Bloons are capable of killing off entire villages of monkeys. They can silently stalk their prey and suffocate them. They cause death and destruction everywhere they go. And that is why monkeys have developed a clever system of killing off Bloons before they get to the villages.

Yes, I made up that entire paragraph up. But you can help the poor, defenseless monkeys in the hypothetical village by playing Bloons TD 4. And that is this week's time waster: Play Bloons TD 4.

Stop the Bloons in their tracks and build up a sophisticated defense filled with dart monkeys, catapults, bomb towers, ice towers, tack towers, boomerangs, glue gunners, mortars, and more! Each tower has its strengths and weaknesses, but by overlapping the strengths, you can take advantage of each type of tower! Upgrade towers to make them stronger, and buy more to bring in more firepower, as you slaughter all the evil mutated balloons who call themselves Bloons.

The key too the game is buying certain towers when needed, upgrading existing towers, and positioning towers in certain areas to complement each other. For example, ice towers, when fully upgraded, severely slow down Bloons. The key is to place one of more fully upgraded glue gunners, which shoot globs of glue that slow down the Bloons and corrode them in huge areas.

Make a Mochigames account and save your gaming progress to be able to save and resume games, and to save your level progress (Towers and final upgrades are unlocked when you get to a certain level).

There is also an Expansion Pack, with more maps, a new mode called deflation, abilities, and a mysterious secret in the last map!

Good luck saving those monkeys, and as always, happy time wasting!


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author avatar Denise O
9th Dec 2010 (#)

You crack me up with your time wasters. Love it!
Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar D in The Darling
9th Dec 2010 (#)

And you got me thinking: which part of Africa are you from? Time wasters, yeah! For that I give you thumbs up!

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