Time to Rethink Your Problems

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As human beings, we're so focused on our own problems that we sometimes forget to take notice of the massive problems others are having. This little poem is to draw people's attention to the fact that no matter how bad their problems may seem, when compared to the problems of others, they may very well need to feel gratitude for what they do have.

So Your Life is a Real Mess?

Your life is hard, you’re feeling down and no one seems to care
You’re overwhelmed by all your bills; it just seems so unfair.
The one you love with all your heart has suddenly turned cold
And left you for another, oh such heartaches to unfold.
The friend you trusted most in life betrayed you recently
Why can’t your life go smooth for once and roll out decently?
And just when you’ve revved your pity party completely to full gear
The evening news comes on full blast, as if meant for you to hear
Tornadoes hit the Southwest with such vengeance, power and speed
There was no time for inhabitants to pack their bags and leave
In the matter of a heartbeat homes demolished, lives destroyed
All the creature comforts gone that these poor families once enjoyed
Another broadcast sadly tells of young children in their schools
Where a madman opens fire on them, like breaking all the rules
Confusion, chaos, terror and the worst of this ordeal
Is the tragic loss of innocent lives, what parents had to feel
You hear another tragedy, a young man was shot dead
The policeman thought he saw a gun not a cellphone instead
A family gripped by grief and pain and anger all in one
Will never again hug or see their only precious son
So when you’re feeling down and out like life’s too much too take
Compare your woes with others and please do not mistake
That If worries were your laundry
And you hung them up to dry
Along with all the others that the news
Made catch your eye
You would probably take your own back
And rethink your current strife
You have your home, your kids your friends and most of all your life.


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
7th Jun 2013 (#)

You are what you co-create, if you want your life as a mess, it becomes a mess and if you want a good life, it becomes AFTER clearing your past baggage.
Be Positive....

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
8th Jun 2013 (#)

Positive message, EffieMarie. Many have nothing but are happier than the filthy rich who generally unload their insecurity on others much poorer than them. I also think of my own past when insurmountable issues overwhelmed me but are history now! siva

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author avatar EffieMarie
8th Jun 2013 (#)

All problems ultimately pass (thank goodness) but staying focused on them tends to drag them on.

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author avatar Jacuquelyn Gardner
8th Jun 2013 (#)

very creative write my friend, I really enjoyed reading.

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