Time to sow this cherished plant

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Know how I'll sow my Marijuana pot this year to avoid disappointment.

Time to sow this cherished plant

This photograph shows an exuberant and green plant of Marijuana. It's what I've wanted to grow for a good while now. A couple of years ago, I tried to sow it, following all the rituals. They'd told me that I had to sow by March taking into consideration of the climate where I live as it won't be warm enough till then. So, I did. They'd told me that I had to place the seed in water, well covered with a cloth and in a dark corner to germinate. So, I did. Afterwards, I sowed it in good earth and not too deep in the pot. But my lodger told me that that pot was way too small and that there was too little earth. She kept on and on until I decided to change it into a bigger pot and with a lot more earth, but it seems that in the process I lost the seed. My Marijuana never showed up!
A friend never followed such a ritual. When the time arrived to sow it, she just buried the seed on the surface of the earth, placed the pot in a sunny spot and kept watering it when in need. Shortly after sowing, she got a big bush of Marijuana. If it weren't because she had gone on a break and had forgotten to place a cotton thread on the Marijuana, connecting into a bowl with water to keep it damp, it'd still be there.
Spring is nearly here. Days are starting to be a lot longer and it's starting to be warm enough to sow this cherished plant again and to try for better luck.
This year there won't be any of those rituals. I'll just do it as my friend did that gave her such good results, but without forgetting its water if I happen to go away for a break! After all, all what Marijuana wants is is water, sunshine and warmth to grow green and exuberant and of these I have loads of it.

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