Timeline of the Italian Campaign: 1943 to 1945

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The Italian Campaign was a campaign in Italy which began in 1943. It was here that the Allies swept ashore the beaches of southern Italy to open a new European front, defeat Fascist Italy and also occupy airfields in the south. The last remnants of the Italian army, as well as additional German reinforcements, had to be defeated by the Allies to emerge victories.

10th July - 22nd July, 1943

The Italian Campaign began in July when the first of the Allied troops arrived from the air and sea. They landed at the south side of Sicily, and steadily advanced north-westwards to occupy western Sicily. By the 22nd Palermo was occupied by Allied troops.

August - 3rd September, 1943

After the fall of Sicily, the Germans and Italians made an effective withdrawal from Messina on the eastern coast of Sicily. The Allies crossed the Straits of Messina, and the Italians also accepted armistice with them. However, there were still plenty of German reinforcements to be defeated in Italy.

22nd January, 1944

The Allies landed at Anzio in January of '44. It was expected that the landing would ensure the abandonment of the Gustav Line which had been established between Cassino and the sea. However, their troops were quickly pinned within a small beachhead pocket.

February – May 1944

The Battle of Monte Cassino continued during these months. Three strikes along the Gustuv Line did not have enough impact, ensuring increasing losses for the Allies. But in the month of May the Allies penetrated the Gustav Line as Polish troops reached the gutted monastery at the summit of Monte Cassino. They found little among the ruins, as most of the Germans that had been stationed there had withdrawn bef
ore they arrived.

23rd May, 1944 - 4th June, 1944

The breakout from Anzio began as Allied troops moved beyond the beachhead at Anzio. They did not cut off the German troops retreating from Anzio, and instead headed for Rome. Rome fell on 4th June, by which time most of the Germans were out of reach.

9th - 25th April, 1945

After the fall of Rome, the Italian Campaign was relatively static. For the Allies, the front was sidelined as advances toward the Gothic Line were halted at Bologne in 1944. The campaign was fully resumed in April 1945 when British and U.S. advances in the east and west ensured the fall of Bologne. Then the Allies pressed on beyond the River Po to occupy northern Italian cities such as Verona.

The fall of Verona (29th April, 1945) effectively ensured the end of the Italian Campaign. In late April the remaining German troops in Italy surrendered. The Italian Campaign had ensured the demise of Fascist Italy, as well as the Italian Empire which was dissolved in the postwar period.


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