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I made another tinfoil creation. I am glad to share my creations with you. Perhaps I will try to write up a multistep guide in coming articles

The chocolate wrappings

Once more, the ward on which I work has received a gift of boxed chocolates from a thankful family of a recently discharged patient. My colleagues on the ward are already aware that rather than discard the tinfoil wrapping, it should be saved and transferred to me for recycling. So, though no one saves me any chocolate, I did find some empty chocolate wrappers waiting for me. Fortunately none of the wrappers was exceptionally torn, and none were terribly stained with chocolate. I admit that Ferrero Rocher chocolate wrapper are not the tinfoil of choice for complex art work (they have a composition which causes them to tear very easily despite being quite thick), but I decided to make the most of the situation.

What should I make?

I examined the wrappers and considered what I should make of them. The concept of making a four-legged animal was already demonstrated by me in a previous article. Now I decided that I would attempt to produce a similar effect although with a different animal. Rather than go for animals which are simply minor variations on the previous creation like a giraffe or a horse, I decided to try for something with more prominent changes in basic morphology. I considered that similar basic biological morphology in creations such as these where there is no way color and morphology is very basic might make the slight nuances which differentiate a dog from a fox, for example might be more difficult to spot. In addition, even if I succeeded, the nuances might not be conveyed sufficiently with the photos taken by the use of my camera phone.

The golden elephant of tinfoil

The golden hue of the tinfoil gave me an idea. I had actually seen some thing like this once out of real gold at an archeological museum. The elephant has very prominently different morphological features compared with a dog. The trunk, obviously heavier build and significantly larger floppier ears all provide marked differences compared to the dog. So, I humbly introduce you to my latest creation - the tinfoil elephant of gold. It took a few minutes of pondering to work out how to get enought tinfoil into the trunk and this piece is essentially made out of a single (slightly torn) wrapper.


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