Tinfoil sculpting, the art of recycling

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I enjoy sculpting in tinfoil. I even gave an art course once to children where I taught basic tinfoil sculpting techniques. Here are some thoughts on the subject

Tinfoil, a readily available resource, begging to be recycled

Tinfoil, or aluminum foil, used to be an expensive material. Today, with modern manufacturing techniques it is all around us. Nonetheless, it is a resource which is quite easily recyclable and would be a shame to simply discard. One fun way you can recycle is by making tinfoil art creations out of your otherwise discardable tinfoil shards (just be sure wash clean the aluminum before using it).

Definitely not like sculpting in clay

When you sculpt in clay, you can easily improve and perfect your creation after getting the basic shape right. If you are dissatisfied, you can start over with the same material. With tinfoil, the aluminum is not so forgiving, there is significantly less room for mistakes. In addition, the foil has a tendency to tear if not handled very carefully. Finally, with clay, it is very easy to make separate parts and then stick them together. This doesn't work so well with tinfoil (you need glue and even then there are certain limitations). One might think that making things out of tinfoil should therefore be similar to origami but that isn't quite so...

Tinfoil sculpting is not origami either

The art of origami is based on precise fold that create elegant figures. There are a great deal of mathematical and aesthetic rules that govern how such creations should be constructed. It is possible to make traditional origami folds using tinfoil however, that is not the sort of sculpting I had in mind. Free-form molding of tinfoil into the desired shape takes a relatively short amount of time and can lead to very elegant results. These creations can then be further posed and positioned.

Here is an example of my work - for your pleasure
(The base is a lid of a preservatives can - removed in such as a way that it has no sharp edges )

More creations by me:
Tinfoil dog
Tinfoil elephant
Telephone wire bicycle
Classic origami crane
Colored clay picnic basket


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author avatar Jerry Walch
5th Dec 2013 (#)

Interesting idea for using used aluminum foil. I will have to pass this one along to my grandkids.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
5th Dec 2013 (#)

Your tinfoil sculpture is amazing, a lot of detail for sure. Hard work.

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author avatar Johnny
5th Dec 2013 (#)

Really cool! Do more! Please!!!!!!!

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author avatar Legend
6th Dec 2013 (#)

Sure Johnny, I'll be only to glad to oblige!

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author avatar Retired
6th Dec 2013 (#)

I would never have thought to use tin foil for sculpting. Thanks for sharing.

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author avatar Legend
7th Dec 2013 (#)

my pleasure carolford, i'll be sure to add more when i have the time!

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