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Do you want to learn how to write an strong and attracting article? This one might help you a bit. A clear explanation is stated here so after you read this you will be able to write a better article and you will be a better article writer and a better blogger.

Why do i have to write an attracting article?

In fact, you don't really have to write an attracting article if you don't want your article to be read by lots of readers but if you want your articles to be read by thousands of readers you must make your article attracting.

Nowadays, article writing is one of the most effective and wise way of making money because you don't have to spend money for transportation to go on a job, you don't need to leave your family at home for your job, internet connection and huge and clear imagination is what you need to be able to earn money by writing articles.

I want to help people by giving some tips on how to write a strong and attractive article so they won't be needing to leave their family for their job.

What do i have to do to make my article attracting?

There are five important thing that you must do to make your article strong and attracting though this four thing requires practice for you to be able to master it. The five important things that you must do is to make sure that your content is composed with supporting facts, the article must have an image which has something to do with the subject and the image must be high quality, your article must have a catchy or attracting title, your article must be informative and last but the most important thing that you must remember is your article must be able to answer the 5 W and 2 H question (What, Why, When, Who, Where, How, How Many).

5 W and 2 H Question

Are you having a trouble on how are you going to ask the 5 W and 2 H question? Don't worry, a sample is written below so just read it to be able to learn what you want to learn.

Just as i said 5 W and 2 H question is the most important thing in writing an article because this part is the part that will make your article informative so that the readers will remember your name and will keep an eye on your articles.

You must not disappoint your readers or else you will lose all of them and what's going to happen when you lose them? You won't be able to earn money. Readers brought you money so take a good care of them by writing informative articles.

Sample Story

The Woman Who Has Been Saved By The Wind

There was a woman named "Hilda" and she had 3 daughters but she had no husband because he left them before the third daughter has been born. One night on October 14, 1992 Hilda's daughters are on their way home riding on a public bus. The bus lost its break and the vehicle has been out of control while running with the speed of 100 kilometers per hour. The bus feel off the cliff and then explode, Hilda received a phone call saying that her three daughters died because of vehicle accident. Hilda was so sad and she blame herself for the death of her daughter so on the same night she climbed on the top of a building somewhere in Writer's City and jump off it but the wind blew so hard so she has been pushed through an open window by the strong wind and she's saved.


Here's the explanation on how i answered the 5 W and 2 H question in my sample story.

WHAT happened?
- The woman has been pushed through the open window so she's saved.

WHO has been pushed by the strong wind?
- Hilda

WHEN did the incident happen?
- October 14, 1992

WHERE does the incident happen?
- In Writer's City

WHY did Hilda Jumped off the building?
- Because she blame herself because of what happened to her daughters,

HOW did Hilda manage to survive?
- The wind blew so hard when Hilda jumped of the building and she has been pushed through an open window of the building so she managed to survive.

HOW MANY daughters does Hilda have?
- Three


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