Tips To Attract Followers To Your Blog or Website

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An Article on different ways to increase your blog followers

Tips To Attract Followers To Your Blog or Website

Every blogger wants readers. It gets pretty lonely and discouraging to keep tapping out the words day after day and then scrolling down to the end of your post to see zero comments. Successful bloggers with readers in the hundreds or even the thousands have a few important similarities. Let’s look at a few of them:

A Clear Theme -

Choose your target audience and make it obvious. Do you want to talk about being a mommy and the joys or hassles of raising a child? Gear your blog name to that theme in a clear and clever way, and explain your focus in the ‘About Me’ section of your blog. If you are all about crafting and you love to give step-by-step directions or tutorials, then express that in your blog name. Crafting readers are more likely to click on a blog called Connie’s Craft Corner than they would Connie’s Corner.

Post Consistently –

Readers like ritual and consistency. They probably have a habit of when and where they open their computers to read blogs for a while. If you want to become a favorite, you will need to be there for them when expected. Even if you only post once a week or every other day, try to make it the same days each week. Posting every day is the best, and many successful bloggers post a Friday Highlights that provides links to all the posts of the week at their fingertips.

Ask Questions –

A great way to get more comment action is to ask some thought provoking or funny questions in your blog posts. Nearly everyone who reads the post will be answering the question in their heads and many will stop to leave you a comment about it.
Brag on Other Blogs – Blogging is a community. Even though the number of bloggers online may seem limitless, a “family” of blogging friends will emerge as you continue and it builds wonderful give and take when you include some links to other blogs that you love. Almost all of your readers are also bloggers after all!

Be Real –

Honesty and truth will keep your readers coming back for more. They do not want to read a bunch of made up fluff that does not stand out from the crowd. If you are writing about your inner thoughts or your family, be as real as you can be without violating anyone’s feelings. Your blog may be about photography. Include your goofs and how you have learned to take amazing shots. Keep it interesting and alive.

These are some of the similarities found in the BIG popular blogs on the Internet. If you love to write, blogging is an excellent place to practice expressing yourself in a creative and interactive way. Gaining followers or readers may happen slowly or suddenly, either way you are enjoying yourself by doing what you love. So it is a win-win, right? Keep blogging!

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