Tips When Buying China

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A light hearted look at how to spot a good and efficient sales person in a China shop.

Tips When Buying China

you go into a shop which stocks good quality China, you may feel confident that as it isn’t cheap, it will be all right. However this is not always the case. There is an attitude nowadays , that did not exist years ago. I am talking about when shop assistants took pride in their work, and every sale achieved gave job satisfaction. Sadly, nowadays, there is an attitude by some, but not all, that they are doing you a favour by serving you, and as long as they get their wages at the end of the week, they are not bothered if you buy or not. They haven’t managed to work out, that if you don’t buy, there will come a time when they will be superfluous, and the shop will close.

Beware of the assistant that is busy filing her nails, and greets you with a look of disdain when you dare to bother her by wanting to be served.! Veer towards the one who gave you long enough to browse without jumping on you the moment you entered the shop, and then came discreetly over to you, smiling and making eye contact, and then asked politely if she could help you. This person is enthusiastic about her work,
so chances are, she will carefully check your china by feeling round all the rims in case there is a crack or imperfection.

She will smile and chat to you, to ensure that buying China is a pleasurable experience for you. After she has checked the rims, she will ting each item individually, this is to check that there are no unseen cracks. Anything that doesn’t ting, is faulty, and it’s always best to discover this before you leave the shop.

After the china has been thoroughly checked, it will be wrapped firstly in tissue paper, and she will make sure that each item is separated from others by the tissue, so nothing can get scraped or scratched. After that she will either put it in bags, or brown paper, and if you are buying a whole dinner set, it will more than likely be put into a shallow cardboard tray, which when carried, is the safest way of storing the china.

Beware of the assistant that doesn’t check or wrap it properly, and can’t take the trouble to go and look for a box in the stockroom. She might try to put it in a carrier, but carriers can break, and chances are, if you come back later with a tale of woe because the bag broke on the way home, she will not be very keen on helping you.

However, the assistant that does care will not only do her best to ensure your China arrives home safely, but also, if you do return with a problem, will do her utmost to sort it out for you. If you are treated well, do please commend her to the Manager, as good assistants are a rarity these days, and must be sencouraged and respected.


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