Tips and Tricks in Baking: Breads and Buns

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Some of the best tips and tricks that you may use in baking breads and buns. How to save more time in doubling the the size of the dough. Which yeast to use when in a rush. What the best type of flour to use. This is also a great guide for the starters or the ones with less experiences when it comes to bread and buns making.

Tips and Tricks in Baking: Breads and Buns

  1. Use a suitable flour in bread making. It usually calls for a bread flour or a wheal flour. String flour is best used in making bread because it has a high gluten which helps the bread to hold its structure.

  2. When it deals with using the yeast, temperature is very important. It should always be on the right temperature. If you're cooking it with too high heat, the yeast will be killed and when you cook in with a too low heat, the yeast will work too slowly.
    • There are two widely used yeast in baking:
    • Active Dry Yeast - This type of yeast needs proofing or blooming. This means that it is dissolved in a warm water with sugar, living it for a couple of minutes until foamy.

    • Instant Yeast - This doesn't require proofing or blooming. You can just add them to your other ingredients right away. It is said that instant yeasts works 50% faster than active dry yeast.

  3. Adding sugar aids the browning and flavor of the bread. It also acts as a preservative because it attracts moisture. This ingredient is mostly important when you are working with an active dry yeast because it is the key to the yeast.

  4. Dairy products such as milk and butter improves the softness of the breads and buns. It also have the fresh-keeping qualities that makes your bread and buns fresh.

  5. If working with spices, seeds, herbs and cheese. Add them with the batter before kneading. While if you are working with fruits and nuts, it should be added towards the end of kneading.

    • There are two ways to rise your dough the fastest way:
    • By using the oven - Place a dish of hot water on the bottom rack of the oven and preheat your oven into 50 degree Celsius or 122 degree Fahrenheit. Turn off the oven when you're ready to put in the dough (uncovered). Leave it for about 30 minutes.

    • By using the microwave - Place your dough in a microwave for 1 minute on 30% power. Let it stand for 10 minutes and repeat the process until the dough doubles its size.

    Other tips and tricks dealing with bread and buns:
  • In making croutons or toasts, use a stale bread. Store it in an airtight container. Serve with soups, pates or salads.

  • In measuring your ingredients, use a standard metric measuring cups and spoons.

  • When you are rising a yeast dough, place it in a fan over on defrost, in an airing cupboard, over a bowl of hot water.


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