Tips and tricks for keeping fresh flowers

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Many times, whether it be for a gift or because we take them on a walk in the field, we have fresh flowers at home. Bouquets with roses, tulips and orchids are usually the most popular. But of course when they are cut flowers have a limited life time and with each passing day they wither. We give you some simple tips to keep flowers that are already cut off for longer and with all their splendor.

Tips to keep flowers longer

• If it is a bouquet that they have given us the first thing we must do is remove the paper wrapping the bouquet, cut the stem of the flowers diagonally, remove the leaves and paste them in water.

• Place the flowers in a vase that covers approximately 7 to 10 cm from the bottom of the flower stems. The location of the vase with the flowers is also very important being recommended in a cool place at night and during the day is the important good lighting but not receiving sunlight directly.

• The water we should use is lukewarm water for most cut flowers, and if possible cold water for bulb flowers or roses.

• The daily water change in the vase in which we have the flowers should not be missing and it is also advisable to cut the stem 1 cm, always diagonal, as it facilitates the absorption of water.

Some tips according to the type of flower:

In order to keep the roses, you must remove the thorns, cut their stems diagonally and change their water frequently. The roses feel very good that the water is always cold.

The orchids are flowers that do not need much care and they last a lot. It is recommended to cut its stem diagonally and submerge them in warm water.
The hydrangeas with alive colors come from Holland, but they last less than the Spanish ones, whose colors are more faded. If dehydrated, you can recover them by immersing them in cold water.

And now we indicate a few tricks that you might not know and that will help you to conserve much better and for longer the flowers

Tricks to conserve flowers

• One of the needs that the flowers are having with the passage of the days is the contribution of the mineral salts this we can give it putting an aspirin.
• Another option for this supply of food may be to put a little of charcoal if you have or failing a teaspoon of sugar or salt. This you can do a day if, a day not.

• Another trick for the supply of mineral salts and food for the plant is through Sprite or 7 UP. Put a quarter cup of any of these products together with the water.
• One trick you may not know about and works very well is vodka treatment. Add a tablespoon of sugar and 3 to 4 drops of vodka and dissolve it with a little water and add it to the water in the vase. Why? Because vodka inhibits the growth of bacteria and sugar provides food to flowers by the contribution of mineral salts.
• To make the flowers more vigorous, add a teaspoon of vinegar and another of sugar to a liter of water.
What do you think of these tips and tricks? If you have any other advice or trick do not hesitate to share it with all of us.


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