Tips for Starving Artists

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Alternative painting ideas for starving artists or anyone looking for an alternative to canvas.

Ideas for Painting

With these tough economic times, everything from the local school district to the federal government are cutting programs. Arts, music, and cultural programs are being decimated if not out right eliminated leaving the budding and starving artist by the wayside with no place to turn.

While canvas, brushes, and sometimes paints can be an expensive venture; there are some less expensive alternatives to keep the artist busy and with unique artist productions.

In lieu of a canvas, opt for a different medium that can be found anywhere. Many homes have at least a few products they buy that come in a glass jar. Save the jars and ask neighbours for their empty glass. After washing and removing the paper labels, a wonderful surface is ready for painting. The jar may not be suitable for hanging on the wall, but it does provide a beautifully artist and useful item.

Another source for a painting surface lies at our feet – rocks. The rock is a commonplace item that can be turned into an unique piece of art. Rocks can be gathered while taking a walk or running errands; and best of all they don’t cost anything.

Bathroom tiles and wood scraps scavenged from trash bins are also good painting surfaces. The tiles will need to be baked like the glass to ensure the paint is sealed. Though they require specific paints, fabric and clothing offers another wonderful painting surface. Fabric also needs to be sealed with an iron or using the dryer.

When painting on surfaces other than canvas, the less expensive brushes can be used, even the ones found at dollar stores.

Instead of a fine paint palette, use the thin paper plates that can be purchased for around a dollar for 50 or more.

Yogurt, fruit, and pudding cups, or any such cup, make wonderful water containers for washing brushes; something found in the home.

When painting on glass the only preparation is wiping down with rubbing alcohol on the part to be painted. The process requires only a cotton ball or paper towel.

Painting on Glass

Painting on Glass
1. After rubbing down the surface to be painted with alcohol – don’t touch that part of the glass.
2. Use a gloss paint that is suitable for glass, any corrections can be made by simply wiping off with a damp paper towel the paint or peeling it if the paint has already dried.
3. After painting allow the surface to dry for 24 hours.
4. Place on a cookie sheet (aluminum foil is optional) and bake in the oven at 350 degrees for 45 minutes. Make sure none of the painted surfaces are touching the cookie sheet. Place the glass in a cold oven. Once the oven has been turned off leave the door closed and allow the glass to cool before removing.
5. The baking seals the paint, which becomes permanent.

Rock Painting

Painting on rocks
1. Wash rocks.
2. If unsure about painting free hand, use ordinary chalk to draw the desired design or picture to be painted. The chalk will be covered with the paint.
3. Use acrylic paints; for large rocks a flat paint is best, but gloss can be used for smaller rocks.
4. Allow to dry thoroughly.


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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
24th Oct 2014 (#)

Sherrill, thanks for sharing this delightful article. I have a friend that enjoys going to art class. She's very good. She and now you have peaked my interest in painting. I actually liked the idea of painting rocks. I will have to come up with some ideas but it does sound like fun to me. I have a lot of acrylic paint so I'm halfway there. I just have to find some rocks. Thanks for the great tips. Smiles to you this morning.

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author avatar Sherrill Fulghum
24th Oct 2014 (#)

Thanks Nancy.
The Dollar Store has bags of small rocks that are nice for painting and you can always find rocks along the road.

I have painted rocks to look like strawberries, a hamburger, and painted flowers on them. Sometimes it seems like the rocks speak to you when you look at them trying to decide what to paint.

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