Tips for buying a purple-tint free HTC One

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Much has been said about the HTC One's camera having purple tint when taking pictures in lowlight conditions. Some claim that it started after the Android 4.3 update, thus a software issue. There are some who suspect that it is a hardware issue when heat burns the camera module. A couple of users have linked HTC Zoe to the thermal tinting.

The Fix?

Suggested fixes and workarounds have been posted in tech blogs and android forums ranging from modification of camera setting to something as silly as putting it inside the fridge or worst, taking it to the service center for repair or if you're a bit lucky, replacement.

What Users Say

I got here some tips for buying an HTC One which might keep you from picking one with the purple tint issue.

Based on the information posted on tech forums, HTC One manufactured beyond Nov/Dec 2013 are free from the purple tint issue. In most HTC Ones manufactured in Nov/Dec batches, the camera modules used were from Omnivision and are not affected by the tinting(though users pointed out that the Sharp module was fine and better).

Now your questions will possibly be about the location of both the manufacturing date and the camera information. The former wouldn't be much of a problem if you still have the box and the product documentation that came with the unit. What if you bought it second hand or refurbished?

How to locate manufacturing date on your HTC One?

1. First, you need the Serial Number which you can find by doing this:

Settings>About>Phone Identity>Device Serial Number (12-digit alphanumeric combination)

2. You basically just need the first four digits of the the Serial Number. The SN should start with any of the following:

Or other 2-character combinations

These codes have something to do with the place where the product was manufactured. HTC though does not disclose details about those initials. 

3. The next two digits/characters indicate the year and month of production.

 a. 3rd digit: 3 means 2013
 b. 4th digit: 
              1 - January
              2 - February
              3 - March
              4 - April
              5 - May
              6 - June
              7 - July
              8 - August
              9 - September
              A - October
              B - November
              C - December
Serial Number is SH39TVN00872

To Decode:
SH - place where the device was manufactured
3 - 2013
9 - September

Your phone's manufacturing date is September 2013. 

How to check camera module information?

1. Install ES File Browser from Google Play. Skip this step if you already have the said app.

2. Open ES File Browser.

3. Go to Device>sys>android_camera>sensor (open the file as text and it will show you the camera information)


Picking a purple-tint free is just simple. Again, pick one that was manufactured in Nov/Dec or beyond and one that has either Sharp or OV camera module.

Wait, I understand that people normally buy stuff online or by phone through their preferred telecommunications provider. I hope that there would be a possibility for you to know the details I specified before placing an order.


Disclaimer: The tips posted are not officially from HTC; but are rather based on collected facts from actual HTC One users.

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